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HuffPoWatch: Lloyd Greif: Israel Stands Alone

In summary, the titular article speaks about the Obama administration's relationship with Israel...and it's not a good one. The author claims that America has been a "fair weather ally" that is selling Israel out in an attempt to woo unreceptive Arab nations. Mr. Greif lists what he perceives to be Obama's mistakes, and why the president should change his ways on this topic. He concludes with a doom-and-gloom prophecy that America will isolate Israel, which will cause Israel to fall, which will move America up to be the Number 1 enemy of terrorists. It makes sense, but I think his words might be a tad melodramatic.

Naturally, the HuffPost crowd marched out the angry words, both directed at Mr. Greif and at Israel. Remember, this is a fully moderated thread. Let's start with attacks on Mr. Greif, including this one, the most hateful comment of the thread:

"1) I don't think this is the right time for an "Investment Banker" to be telling ANYONE how to run their country.
2) I am tired of the AIPAC charter members being allowed to post jingoistic editorials on this site. Don't they have their own website to do this on?
3) Most Americans would say, if you love Israel so much why don't you MOVE THERE and let us get on with trying to repair the damage to our economy you helped create? (see No. 1)" [Responses include "Bravo!" and "Well said!"]

"Article not worth a penny... too many innuendos!"

"nonsense...freaking nonsense
Have you ever been to NY, Miami or LA? Jewish people aren't going anywhere anytime soon. Nor is Isreal without their continually expanding borders. Sheer nonsense." [Not so much anti-Semitic as just really strange]

"Wow, what a slanted reactionary view. I guess Israel is worth an infininte amount of America's blood and treasure. Wasn't it Israel who acted as the middle man when St Ronnie armed the Iranians? Who was it that Johnathan Pollard worked for again? Israel looks out for its perceived self interest first, but expects the US to discard our own in favor of an endless conflict for the one patch of the Middle East with out any oil. Israel can't expect the US to solve it's problems if it is unwilling to try to get along with its neighbors. The Mossad and the CIA worked hand in glove to craft this blowback we're wading through in the 'terror wars'. Let Israel tend to the Frankenstien it created and we'll tend to ours." [Remind me again when America did something that wasn't in its own self-interest to help Israel. I can't think of a single example]

Most of the other hateful comments were just straight-up Israel hate, though this time we had less of the creative anti-Semitic tropes that rear their ugly heads sometimes. Notice how quite a few of them are attacks on Israel's very existence, blaming Israel for Arab hate against it, and justifications for terrorism. There are also claims that Americans fight and die for Israel, as old a myth as I've ever seen:

"Israel is viewed by most people around the world (and increasingly within North America) as a pariah state. The reason should be obvious to any informed observer: "As ye sow, so shall ye reap.""

"Israel has had 60 years to make peace with their neighbors.
They are still trying to do it with tanks.
It's time to stop all financial aid."

"They don't want peace with their neighbors and never only has to listen to what their leaders have said....over and over and over."

"Israel has over 200 nukes. Let them stand on their own and blackmail the middle east into letting them make all the settlements they want. We have spent enough blood on their behalf."

"Killing Palestinians in a raid targeting civilians, besides a war crime and crimes against humanity, a true Nuremberg offense, makes Israel's government into hypocrites, liars and murderers. Sorry I think killing children just does not make the "they are killing us too" argument look like a finger pointing match. Besides the off balance in the deaths count, Israel has already overplayed his hand. If you want 1 Billion Muslims march towards Israel, then keep on doing what you do now. I tell you because I do not want Israel to disintegrate, but they are well on their way."

"I call BULLSHIT! It is not Obama's policies that increasingly endanger and isolate Israel, it is ISRAEL'S policies that increasingly endanger and isolate Israel. The notion that Israel is a model of Democracy is also a total fabrication. Lets be honest shall we? You can be born in Israel, be a citizen of Israel and still not have the right to vote. How is this possible in a Democracy? It's possible if you are not a Jew. It is possible if you are of Arab descent [Of course, this is totally made up]."

"I agree. If you have seen recent article from Israel, Ethiopians have a hard time to get a job in Israel while the blond and blue eye criminals from Eastern Europe who just converted to Judaism for the sake of economic advantage in Israel get more benefit in Israel. It is true, Israel is not a democracy and there is inequality everywhere, religiously, race, you name it. Let alone Palestine, Israel can't even open up to other jews and I wonder why it was created in the first place if it is not to embrace All jews." [I'm not going to dispute that there is inequality in Israel, but by that logic there is no democracy on earth]

"Maybe your lonely god would be less lonely if you all stopped killing in his name
I'm not even talking about Palistine...
I'm still pissed about what happened to the Canaanites!
That story is not legal grounds for claiming land.
It's more of a confession to the murder of a people."
"The last paragraph is truly breathtaking in it's delusion. The Zoroastrians have no state but they survive, as do many other religions. Do you have such little faith in your people and religion that you need to fabricate terrible scenarios that will never happen in order to gain support?"

"I am just wondering, does a country have the right to occupy other people's land or wage illegitimate wars just because it is democratic and the country the occupy is not?" [Nonsensical strawman]

"Anyone who knows the story of Cheney's Project for a New American Century and its reliance on Israeli intelligence knows that the American invasion of Iraq was engineered in Tel Aviv. Israel was able to lead us around by the nose for 8 years because we had a fundamentalist Christian president who believed the Israel would soon begin the Apocalypse and bring about Judgment Day. And now we have a president who's more interested in American interests and foreign policy, so of course the Israeli's complain.
"This whining doesn't interest me. Israel is no more a democracy than Turkey, and frankly Turkey would make a better partner for the US in the current economy and wields far greater influence on the mid-East than Israel."

"Israel is not a democracy. It has separate rules governing its Jewish and Arab inhabitants. Also, what exactly was Israel defending itself from last December when its military forces massacred 1400 Palestinians? Bottle rockets lobbed by Hamas which are so poorly constructed that well over 95% of them don't come close to their intended targets? I'm not in any way justifying Hamas's violence, suicide bombings (which are extremely rare these days), or any of the other forms of violence to which Israelis have been subjected. But Israeli military excursions simply cannot be described as defensive. The IDF killed approximately 200 Palestinians for every Israeli who was killed in the "war" last year. That pretty much says it all."

"Let's hope he goes WAY further at either reining in this most rogue of nations or cutting them off."

"Israel should spend its own money and lose its own citizen's lives in its quest to be the regional bully and stop hiding behind the US. Israel should try to solve its own problems that it creates for itself for once! Without the US's support that country would be a hell of a lot nicer." [Notice the implication that the US fights wars for Israel]

"Lloyd you're right Israel stands alone." [Responses: "If only" and "Amen."]

UPDATE: Here are some more since this article was posted:

"I never realized that by maintaining an open-air concentration camp in Gaza, Israel was upholding Western ideals of democracy."

[In response to above post] "Well, you see, those ideals only apply to certain people. The "others" will be quarantined until they come around."

"On Veterans' Day, it's fitting to give thanks to Israel for testing the combat potential of our unarmed naval vessel, the U.S.S. Liberty, against their fighter jets and attack helicopters." [Unarmed? Attack helicopters? What a maroon...]

"Not MY American flag. The flag of politicians who are controlled and paid by the Israeli lobbies." [Note the screenname. So far no one has accused him of being a propagandist]

"Yes. In addition to 100% US veto of criticism of Israeli occupation policies and blind, uncritical unquestioning US support in the UN, and a massive 3 billion dollars a year from US tax payers.
Israel has never had it so good. They commit bloody murder on an industrial scale and barely get a raised voice from the international community."

"Israel points the finger at Iran while Israel hides its own nuclear program from view.
Duplicitous, dishonest and hypocritical. Israel gets far too much support. Time to put the one-sided, unbalanced relationship to bed."


"Israels casual disregard for International law, Its secret nuclear arsenal, its daily illegal settlement activity (judged illegal by every country, including the US) its brutally inhuman treatment of the Palestinians with all the attendant deliberate cruelty of an oppressor grinding its boot into the face of the oppressed has made the jewish state" an international pariah.

Israels finds itself in this position because of its own actions, not because of some elaborate international conspiracy of racism.

It is time for Israel to address the glaringly unjust situation of the Palestinian people with some dignity and courage, if not Israel deserves to stand alone, in the corner - wearing the Dunce's hat."
Posted 10:34 AM on 11/12/2009

"Yes Israel stands alone. It is the worlds only violently supported colonial settler movement. [Attack on Israel's existence]
Civilised nations gave up doing that over 100 years ago."
Posted 10:22 AM on 11/12/2009

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  1. I really wish someone important would point out the hypocrisy in accusing Israel of killing "1400 Palestinians" as if all 1400 were civilians. If Hamas' supporters do not distinguish between civilian and military, why should they expect Israel to do so? (Naturally, Israel does so anyway, and does so better than everyone else, according to Col. Richard Kemp.)

    The hypocrisy puts a bad taste in my mouth.