Wednesday, November 4, 2009

HuffPoWatch: Jewish Settlers Force Way Into East Jerusalem Home

Last night the Huffington Post published this article: Jewish Settlers Force Way Into East Jerusalem Home, Evict Arab Family (PHOTOS)

There is definitely more to the story than the article had to say. For instance, apparently the house had been inhabited by Syrian Jews who had proof of ownership from the Turks. Except that they were expelled during the ethnic cleansing in 1948 when Jordan took over the city, and have been working with the courts ever since to try and get their home back. You know, like the Palestinians claim they are trying to do.
The court eventually ruled that they should have ownership, but because this Palestinian family lived there now, they should be tenants and be allowed to stay as long as they kept up with the lease. But the family didn't keep up with the lease, so the Jews evicted them here. But then the court reversed the ruling and told the settlers to let the Palestinians come back. At least, that is my understanding after reading some of the Ha'aretz articles on the topic. If someone would like to correct, please do.

Naturally, this article provoked a storm of outrage from the HP talkbacks on a fully moderated comment thread. Some of it was justified. Some of it wasn't.

There were quite a few comments about America being controlled by Israel and how Israel can only do this because we support them. I am not going to post them because (a) I want to keep the post from being excessively long and (b) they all sound pretty much the same. Other kinds of posts were blatant racism against Israel and Jews, and accusations that Israel is either provoking the hatred it gets or deserves the hatred it gets because it is so evil. This is classic "blame the victim" mentality, that the racism is justified because the race in question is just so evil. The most common kind of post, by far, was the accusation that Israel was only letting this happen because they hate Palestinians and are racist. Of course, this is nothing more then slander. So let's get started. Heads up, this is going to be long.

UPDATE: I just had to add the following comment, posted after this was written, just because it's so unbelievable. It's now been deleted though:

billblow3  permalink
"Then they act as if they can't understand why the people of that land hates them and always doing some kind of terrorist attack against them. If it was up to me, I'll let the Arabs in that country torture the Jews for all of their bullying they have commented to them over the yrs. The U.S. needs to stop supporting the Jews, that is why the Jews are doing the things their doing over there. The U.S. is helping to support TERRORISM from the Jews. A terrorist is a terrorist regardless what color the people are who are commenting the violence against a group of people who can't defend themselves [but apparently not when you sympathize with them]."
 Posted 12:33 PM on 11/04/2009

-Just imagine what would have happened if I had written something like "If I were Israel I would torture all of those Arabs!" Anyway, on with the hate parade:

Johnny2Bad permalink
And then so many Hebrews wonder "Why's everybody always pickin' on me?" [Hebrews?]
Posted 07:13 PM on 11/04/2009
totalliberal permalink
"Lovely people. Following in the footsteps of Moses. Sla/uter the people, then take their land. Somebody should write a book........ Oh ya, they already have."
Posted 03:51 AM on 11/05/2009

rnmina   permalink
"I'm with you this is just plain wrong. What's wrong with the Israeli's" [When Palestinians want their homes back, they are justified in using violence. When Israelis want their homes back, there's something wrong with them]
  Posted 01:25 AM on 11/04/2009

RMJ50  permalink
"I agree, but the major reason that the Israeli's have this strength is because we have given them so much money and so much military technology. We should not only be disgusted at the Israeli's, but also ourselves."
 Posted 09:15 AM on 11/04/2009

Stokes permalink
"It seems to me that Aipac has already taken over our Congress and then some." [Okay I couldn't resist posting just one. Notice how this thread has nothing to do with AIPAC or Congress]
Posted 09:21 AM on 11/04/2009

GeorgeP922 permalink
"How is another intifadah not justified?
Someone tell me, how can we not choose only one side if hostility breaks again?
Someone help me out here."
 Posted 01:32 AM on 11/04/2009

thrdr permalink
"Perhaps this should be called the new anti-semitism? [Because real anti-Semitism doesn't exist anymore, right?] Directed against Arabs and anyone who sympathizes with them by Europeanized Jews and American Christians?"
 Posted 01:25 AM on 11/04/2009

opama permalink
"some people are better than others"
Posted 12:42 AM on 11/04/2009

akababs permalink
"Exactly, what is Obama suppose to about this? How is he to exercise control over a sovereign nation? [Why is Israel the nation we need to be 'controlling'?] What would you have us do - invade Israel like we did Iraq?"
 Posted 12:34 AM on 11/04/2009

jwcmass permalink
"Has it ever occurred to you paco, that the reason the Palestinians are resorting to deparate measures and violence is because they can get no justice through the use of the legal system, the government, Israeli military and border police? Or negotiations, for that matter.

When you shut down all available peaceful means for redress of grievances, you are asking for trouble, and you usually get it.

Perhaps you could tell me, during the years of conflict (and especially since the first intifada, how many Israelis have been killed by Palestinian violence, and how many Palestinians have been killed by Israeli (including IDF) violence."

Posted 12:29 AM on 11/04/2009

Keurgui permalink
"worst regime on earth"
 Posted 11:30 PM on 11/03/2009

who38 permalink
"Are those countries [China, North Korea, Sudan, Myanmar, Zimbabwe] more duplicitous and oppressive than Israel? Do they cause more world turnoil? In fact, they seem more willing to accept the responsibility for their actions than the Israelis ever do; none of them are playing the victim card.

"Yes, the US did many bad things to NAs as did most colonialists in other countries of the world that were not white and Xtian. Are you suggesting that we allow history to repeat itself?"
Posted 10:15 AM on 11/04/200

PoliticalRockChick permalink
"Racism is still alive."
Posted 11:30 PM on 11/03/2009

NeoconGal  permalink
"It's all about the total humiliation of the Palestinian people."
Posted 10:51 PM on 11/03/2009

LightShadow62 permalink
"If the Israelis thought they could get away with it they would exterminate the Palestinians. As it is they do absolutely everything possible to foster the hatred from which Hamas was born and when there is even the slightest chance of peace Israel builds another wall, closes another border or does something else to stoke the frustration of the oppressed Palestinian people.
It's time for the US to pull all support for Israel until they learn to play well with others."
Posted 10:48 PM on 11/03/2009

ChiGuy permalink
"The Israelis are nothing but bullies and Obama should be taking an even tougher stand with them."
 Posted 10:17 PM on 11/03/2009

SpaghettyIrish  permalink
"Israelis really know how to make themselves loved by their neighbors, don't they?" [Justifying racism]
Posted 09:51 PM on 11/03/2009

seattle music  permalink
"When so-called Jewish Settlers from Israel evict Palestinian Arabs from their homes in East Jerusalem, this is anti-Semitism in action.
If you don't understand my post, ask someone to explain it to you." [Just another twist on 'Israel is motivated solely by racism']
Posted 09:02 PM on 11/03/2009

alysheba 3 permalink
"Goodness knows an Israeli newspaper wouldn't give the edge to an Israeli, would it?
Obviously there was something wrong if the Israel police wouldn't accept the paper with the court verdict."
Posted 08:54 PM on 11/03/2009

j0em0mma  permalink
"Note to Israel apologists: This is becoming the image that Israel will carry into the future. It sure would be nice to know my tax dollars weren't supporting this. Hope we cut Israel off and leave them to their just desserts."
Posted 06:29 PM on 11/03/2009

bolivare permalink
"Gotta be careful. Any disagreements with those of the "jewish" faith always tend to be diverted to you being an anti-semite. Happens all the time.[Except in this thread, apparently]
I say we stop funding Israel. If they really wanted peace, then they would step up and be the man. No, instead they decide that it's theres and they will take it by force. So be it. You want to big man it, then do it alone. And when all those nations over there start really targetting you and ganging up on you, don't bother coming to us. We told you not to do it. But you wouldn't listen. It's your way or the highway. Fine. Live with that decision. You don't need our weapons, food, or money. Now you can wear the big boy pants. Hope they are comfortable."
Posted 06:00 PM on 11/03/2009

PWM  permalink
"Time to cut off the military welfare to Israel. Only when they lose our support will they finally learn to get along with their neighbors."
Posted 05:36 PM on 11/03/2009

noweknow permalink
"Israelis say God is the landlord."
Posted 05:05 PM on 11/03/2009

sense oar sheep permalink
"why comment about injustices when i will be labeled anti-semetic?"
Posted 05:04 PM on 11/03/2009

logicalchoice permalink
"don't you just hate it when stereotypes are reinforced by the people who have them. How do they expect us to think differently of them."
Posted 04:29 PM on 11/03/2009

BlaineNelson  permalink
"Is the eviction of Palestinians from their homes by Israelis an act of terrorism?"

 Posted 04:27 PM on 11/03/2009

"...............and then the Jews claim they're the VICTIM.
It makes one wonder what they think will come back at them? LOVE?"
Posted 04:24 PM on 11/03/2009

ANuttyReader permalink
"Shame on the Israeli thieves, bullies.. at least justice prevailed, for now."
 Posted 04:10 PM on 11/03/2009

Nunnya permalink
"Israel it's kinda hard to gain sympathy when you do this kinda stuff."
Posted 04:10 PM on 11/03/2009

nditf permalink
"israel is not a democracy... it's a club of thieves underwritten by european and american thieves. the world has changed... the emerging leaders of the world are china, russia and brazil, and they do not kow tow to israel and its lies."
Posted 03:51 PM on 11/03/2009

[response] who38 permalink
"It will be interesting to see what leverage the colonialists will attempt to use on China, Russia, and Brazil."
 Posted 10:49 AM on 11/04/2009

Thelonius permalink
"Ah yes, Israel, once again demonstrates that it is "a light unto nations."" [A reference to Jewish literature]
 Posted 03:43 PM on 11/03/2009

mw21  permalink
"Really, calling Israel a democracy is just a bit disengenuous. Do democracies really sanction the government sponsored theft of homes from one race over another? Is this a one person-one vote type of democracy? Do the Palestinians have the same vote as a Jew? Before people call Israel a democracy they need to clearly define their terms because this isn't close to my idea of a democracy!"
Posted 07:13 PM on 11/03/2009

groucho permalink
"Did the settlers learn their tactics from our bankers? What a bunch of cold hearted "people""
Posted 03:35 PM on 11/03/2009

Just another day on the Huffington Post.

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