Monday, November 16, 2009

HuffPoWatch: Israeli Troops Kill Palestinian Along Gaza Border

Over the weekend, the Huffington Post published this article, complete with a misleading headline that implies the Palestinian was standing there minding his own business. The actual information shows that there was (as usual) a bit of a controversy about exactly what happened. The IDF claims that the Palestinians involved were trying to plant an explosive device on the fence. The Palestinians claim they were bird hunting. But in the minds of the Huffington Posters, as determined by the fully moderated talkback thread, the facts were already determined as soon as the article was written: Evil Israelis killed innocent Palestinians in cold blood. There was also a decent amount of personal attacks and insults against pro-Israel posters.

"They do want they want.........hunt, kill, shoot first, think, never.....­..........­karma, it's all stacking up."

"I wonder if the internationals coming to the Gaza Freedom March in January will be shot as well?"

"If Israel doesn't manage to reignite violence her hands may be forced into a deal. That's a no no." [Yes, because Israel asked the Palestinians to wander by the fence. This post reeks of conspiracy theory.]

"I think people have wised up to how the game is played. Isr@el is not an innocent victim and many know it, so stop your lies. The whole purpose of the Gaza blockade was to entice violence so the soldiers can go back in and you just proved the point!"

"[To a pro-Israel poster] Keep trying! Delusion runs in your genes I am sure!"

"Speaking of making up something to support your world view Cuthbert. Like israel would let anyone in to verify anything in Gaza after destroying the power plant in gaza and no dependable electric supply [You mean besides the power that Israel provides from Ashkelon?] Palestinians cant preserve food dependably or cook it easily and bottlenecked at crossings by israelis. A bird would have to be out of its mind to land among the hungry in palestine"

"and also open, unbiased, honest reporting of Israeli aggression and activities.
Is that why you hate them so much?"

"Many individual Israeli have no respect for Palestinian Muslims and Christian in Gaza" [Apparently Israelis needs to "respect" the Palsetinians. Aretha Franklin would be so proud.]

"My gut response is that the Israeli soldiers can make up any excuse they want because they know they will be believed by their chain of command. "Looked like they were planting a bomb" is just too convenient. These Israeli patrols could wear helmet cameras to record what they see and record their conversations. Did they challenge the kids to stop? This information would go a long way in saying who is right and wrong. However, even though these Israeli's have the best air force, the best anti-missile systems, the best sigint systems, aerial drones, etc. that American money can buy, I doubt the Israeli's would accept using such a technology because it would show the truth." [OMG conspiracy theory! Maybe Israel is trying to save money? No, let's go for the more complicated expalanation.]

"What about the 1.5+ million they are systematically starving to death inside? Anyone want to question why these men were bird hunting? It wasn't for game..."

went down like this, Israelis felt
shooting and they did."  [Responses include: "Often the case," and "you summed it up."]


  1. Let me get this straight. Your definition of anti-Semitism covers insults to pro-Israel posters on the internet.

    Does that include even the non-Jewish posters? If it doesnt, How does an 'insulter' know if a poster is Jewish or not? Is it just assumed because they promote israel or do they cross-reference the screenames on some undercover ant-Semitic website database?

    Thats a broad brush your painting with.
    Kinda dilutes the definition of genuine anti-Semitism huh?

  2. 1. You can read our definition of anti-Semitism here:

    2. No, anti-Semitism does not automatically cover insults to pro-Israel posters on the Internet. Some insults are anti-Semitic, some are not. However, either way we keep track of them here because such insults are a) a violation of the Huffington Post's rules of conduct and b) examples of how pro-Israel posters are treated on the HP. But in most cases calling an individual a jerk would not be considered by us or anyone to be anti-Semitic.