Wednesday, November 25, 2009

HuffPoWatch: Israel Readying New Cutting-Edge Arms

This morning the Huffington Post published an article about the new defenses that Israel is creating, not only to defend against nuclear attack from Iran, but also from lower-tech rocket attacks. The vast majority of the article was talking about new tech that was strictly defensive in nature, including Iron Dome and a new upgrade to its Arrow defense system against nuclear strike. Unsprisingly, this led to an outpouring of hatred from the Huffington Posters, because it fits their politically-correct paradigm that Israel is trying to start yet another war, and the threats to them posed by other nations simply "aren't real" or otherwise dumbed down. We'll start with an interesting and anti-Semitic comment in the fully moderated talkback thread:

More Jewish Control of the Mainstream Media in America We Are Told Does Not Exist
By: Saladin
It talks of “judicially sanctioned” killings done to “intimidate” the political opposition and to “quell pockets of ethnic unrest around the nation“. It goes on to point out in worried tones that “the trend” towards executions were a response to the “political tumult” following the June presidential election and that this month a “fifth person” connected to the protests was sentenced to death.
“Judicially sanctioned killings” designed to “intimidate” political opposition? Hmmmmm, now where have we heard about this before about a million, billion times?????
Oh yeah, that’s right IN ISRAEL, EVERY DAY FOR THE LAST 60 YEARS.

-So not only do we have what's basically slander, as it makes a false claim with absolutely no information to back it up, it contains the myth of Jewish control of the media. At least this time he was courageous enough not to pretend it was "Zionist" or "Israeli" control, he said what he thought. Or since it's a copy-and-paste bomb, what other people told him to think.

That dubious ally continuously drags us into costly and bloody skirmishes. [Continuously?]

These lying, thieving racists need to be pushed back to the original 67 borders.

There are millions of us world wide (non Muslims) who will get them if they attack Iran.

I am locked and loaded.

Do you really think this is all about defense? Israel has showed repeatedly that is seeks expansion into what it considers it's ancestral homeland. It has no real interest in a Palestinian nation. It's only objective at this point is power and control. Interesting that the new subs come from Germany.

and I am glad that Iran is standing up to the aggressor Israel, and meeting them nuke for nuke. It's time that Israel stopped decimating their neighbors at the drop of a hat.

You know, I’ll bet there is one heck of a story about how our great “ally” Israel acquired the bomb. But like Israel’s cowardly, murderous attack upon the U.S.S. Liberty, it’s a story that the “American” mainstream media isn’t going to cover. We lose.

This country is always focused on fighting. If I lived in a crime ridden neighborhood and got mugged all the time I'd move. [This comment isn't so much hateful, but it is ridiculous.]

Iran cannot afford to allow this beligerance from a nation that is bent on the destruction of the Iranian people. Just as we supposedly had the right to attack Iraq preemptively, so to does Iran. The only difference between our situation and Iran's is that Iran faces a very real and serious threat to its existence. Every day that Mr. Ahmedinejad delays the defence of his nation and his people is a day that the enemy grows stronger.

Everyday it gets harder and harder to defend Israels actions, but stories like these make me feel a little less obligated to do so.
Preemption anyone?

Let's think... a religious-psycho nation which refuses UN inspections of its nuclear facilities and is not a signatory to the NNPT... which has WMDs and the means to deploy them over an area which includes southern Europe... nuclear missiles? Submarines with nuclear missiles?
Let's suppose that the world wakes up one day and determines that Israel is, in fact, the cause of the woes in the middle east and, as a single body, requests changes from Israel.
To hell with Israel. They are a threat to everyone in the world.

Are you kidding? Do you actually want to do a comparison of the number of people killed by Hezbollah vs. the wanton destruction of Lebanon and mass slaughter of their civilians more than once? Hezbollah shouldn't be launching terrorist attacks on anyone, but you cannot begin to pretend that poor little Israel sits across the border and wouldn't hurt a flea.

So Khazars have new toys, I hope they are saving some of that 4 billion they get each year from the American tax payers because when the US falls the crimes they have committed in the past will visit them.
And here is the kicker Castro is one of them.
[Even for the HuffPo, that's new.]

In Israel, the fear card is permanently dealt.

[response] neobuster
because overwhelming majority of israelis believe it has served them just fine.
thye'll have no one else to blame for their demise.

And the antisemitism card--if we don't support their aggression, we must be antisemitic.

What's the genesis of Hezbollah? Hmm...I do believe they formed to counter the Israeli war crimes (supported by Reagan) in the early 80s. Just like Reagan also funded the mujahadeen in Afghanistan. The right wing sows seeds and then complains when they sprout.

or just maybe Iran wants nuclear power for their citizens. 1srael(or more clearly, the z1onists) need to be taken down a notch or 3, and start treating the Palestinians and their neighbors WITH RESPECT.

They do but they certainly are no ally. In order to be an ally with another state both states must have defined their borders [interesting logic], Israel has not done so and therefore is not an ally of the US, a tacit ally yeah, an ally in media stories yeah, but a legal ally, no, and they act like [link]

That would be a step forward in that region for sure...but Israel needs to stop treating the Palenstinians like animals.
The best US taxdollars can buy.
Think about it, if they trick us into attacking IRan, our economy tanks, they take out Iran and don't spend a penny doing it, they keep the $8 billion a year in welfare from the US taxpayer.
What do we gain from attacking Iran? $150/bbl oil, more unemployment and another Trillion dollars in debt to pass to our grandchildren.

I am so tired of israel's war mongering . . . .it is an excuse not to return the land that rightly belongs to the Palestinians back to the Palestinians . . . it is time to get the israeli's to disclose their nuclear arsenal, shut up and start obeying international law . . . and drop the victim routine . . .

More insane chest thumping from everybody's favorite paper tiger.

They seem over confident, I believe Iran will surprise them with a blast from hell and shock the life out of them.
For sometime now, israel want the us to get the full brunt of a nuclear hit first, not this time, israel has to do the job itself if it has the guts, I think isreal will regret any stupid move that can cause a destruction of the entire middle east including israel. [Not so much anti-Semitism as WTF-ism.]

A characteristic 180 degree distortion of reality "Israel defending itself..." Yeah, right. Iran represents no existential threat whatsoever to U.S. welfare recipient #1. Iran is a hindrance to U.S. dominance in Central Asia and the Persian Gulf and to Israeli hegemony in the greater Middle East, so that is why it must be villified, demonized, bullied and threatened with nuclear-ye­s-NUCLEAR-­annihilati­on at the hands of "the only democracy in the Middle East" by none other than that great humanitarian Benny Morris (no doubt speaking on behalf of the regime).
As the years go by, fewer and fewer people are being suckered into the myth of " brave little Israel under attack by Arab (now insert 'Persian') hordes who want to drive her into the sea."
The fact is that Israel has, even since 1948 always possessed military superiority over her adversaries thanks to military aid from the European nations-first Czechslovakia and France, now her (once) rich Uncle Sam.
 [Responses include "co-sign," "well said," "roger that," and "good post." Also...]

Good post but you forgot that Isreal stole $2.3 trillion dollars from the Pentagon when Dov Zakheim was comptroller under Bush/Rumsfeld. That money went missing and Zakheim, an ordained "rabbi" holds dual American/Isreali citizenship. Like Emmanual, like Lieberman, these traitors [by traitors he can only mean "Jews"] are a danger to America and the world. The money has never been accounted for.

A tried and true propaganda formula: Israel's arms are only for defense against Iran. Iran's arms are only for offense against Israel.

Not true. Most civilized nations spend more of their money and efforts on things like education, infrastructure, etc. [The US at least spends most of it's money on weapons/military. He implies here that Israel is not a civilized nation for wanting to keep its people alive.]

Does this mean more Muslims will die by the hands of the Zionists armed with US weapons??

[response] but of course . . . . sick isn't it . . . so much for peace in the Middle East . . .. Obama has to pull the plug on israel big time . . . and the time is now!

Wait a minute! I thought the reason why the US was showering Israel with billions in socialist wealth redistribution [that's a new one] was because Israel bought only US military equipment. When will the US stop redistribution of our wealth to Israel so they can afford national health care, but we in the US can't afford our own? Welfare for Israel is one of those beams in the eye of the Teabagger party.
[Responses include "excellent," "fanned," "well said!" etc]

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