Wednesday, November 18, 2009

HuffPoWatch: Israel Angers US With West Bank Construction

It's yet another thread about those evil settlements and the HP crowd are all over it! We got the usual array of complaints: Israel is stealing land, Israel has no respect for the United States, Israel controls the United States, Israel doesn't want peace, blah, blah, blah. I will say that the moderators have been doing a good job responding to posts I flag as abusive, already two of them are gone that I know of and hopefully more will go in time. So good job moderators! And now, without further adue, the posts and my comments:

WHY can't HP put articles such as this one on the MAIN?

All of which we can do without. We don't need to be allied to a racist colonialist state.

Israel will always do what is in its best interests while the U.S. will go against its own best interests in the Middle East because of the Lobby.

Thats a watery, insipid response and you know it.

Anyway, this sub thread has lasted longer than Israels occupation, so this is my last response.

[To pro-Israel poster] A delusion, in everyday language, is a fixed belief that is either false, fanciful, or derived from deception. Psychiatry defines the term more specifically as a belief that is pathological (the result of an illness or illness process). As a pathology, it is distinct from a belief based on false or incomplete information, illusion, or other effects of perception. [When asked if he was implying the poster was delusional, he replied "Imply?!"]

Why can't the Arab countries, whose collective population is dozens of times larger than Israel's, resettle those Palestinians,
Because of the injustice. There were 700,000-800,000 Palestinians that were forcibly expelled from their land in 1948. [This part isn't anti-Semitic, but it is very telling.]
Israel was birthed in violence, & continues to
unleash disproportionate violence against a defenseless population whose major crime was having lived on their land for millenia.
This is the core issue & will not go away until there is a fair & equitable solution.

[To an anti-Israel poster who made an anti-Arab post.] Hmmm, kinda defeats your generic Arabs argument. You may want to check in with the Israeli department of dogma before you repeat this.
Same old script.
"and to whine and complain, endlessly, about their status as victims of oppression and conspiracy".
All you ilk should get a one way ticket to a Palestinian ghetto. Then we will never hear the end of your your endless whining.

Israel forfeited all it's rights in long ago.

Youre hilarious.
Palestinians cant even get childrens crayons into Gaza. Nevermind food, medicine and building materials . They cant fish their own waters without being shot at by IOF gunboats, they cant visit relatives without spending 24 hours in a roadblock at the mercy and the whim of trigger-happy IOF teenagers. They cant farm their own land nor live in their own houses without being attacked, beaten and shot at by roving bands of Israeli Settler freaks.

Stop pointing the finger outside Israel. Israel doesnt comprehend the concept of human rights. Its a travesty to call that place a free society and compare it to any other democracy.
Israel is an anomaly. Israel isnt fit to be spoken in the same sentence as other democracies.

Israel needs to recognize a fully independent Palestinian state, and we should be twisting their arm about it. not pinching or poking, they should think their arm is going to break.

I don't get it, I know more than a few Israelites, they're mostly good people, but they're like little children when it comes to Palestine.
[Note the arrogance, Israelis are like children and we need to discipline them. We know what's best for them]

Every nation should be "dismayed' by the actions of Israel. Zionists and their evangelical supporters in the U.S. are aiming for an Apocalypse. Rational minds seem unwilling to stop them.


good question Mollabaji . . . I am afraid what I think will get censored but I think they [US officials] are afraid mossad will do big time assassinations in the US otherwise . . I can't think of anything

And you tell me that these blood thirst suckers want any peace?

Talk is cheap, Stop sending these bastrdz our money.
        [responses: "Hear hear"]
Israel has, indeed, become very arrogant and intoxicated by the goodwill and support she receives from the US. Some will speak out now, but many will suppress their voice for fear of censorship and name-calling – all further building up silent resentment against her. Let's hope that all these arrogance do not come back to hunt her in the future.

So why does Israel need Billions in US taxpayer money if it's such and advanced state?
Why do we give them more aid than any African Country?
It's welfare and it's used to fund racist orthodox settlers and Judeofacists and it must stop.
Your logic makes Israel the millonair that continues to steal from the take a penny, leave a penny tray.
if they can live without US tax dollars, then let them do so. Until then we have right to tell them to shut the hell up and stop their racist, apartheid policies. Settlers are the worst breed of racist, the things they say about non-jews are disgusting and there is a real sense of religious superiority in Israel, not unlike 1930s Germany.

it is totally disgusting Americafirst2008 and the funding of this rogue state has to end

Two Cents
Palestinian state = only solution.
[calling for the destruction of Israel as "the only solution". He'd fit right in among Hamas and Hezbollah]

Here's a bright idea....let's not send aid to Israel anymore. I bet that would be a great start.
[many of these, all calling for an end to aid to Israel, but all the same so I'm not reposting]

All these so called security measures like the annexation wall, the various military attacks on civilian areas, the jews only roads, the checkpoints, the withholding of basic foodstuffs and construction materials are all toward one end - the completion of a decades old program of land theft, to create a "greater Israel" at the expense of the inhabitants of that land, and at the expense of the US taxpayer.

It is an unconscionable crime to support it financially, while paying lip service to notions of justice, freedom or democracy.

There is no justice or freedom for the Palestinians, of that the US congress and the Israelis have made damn sure.

and these?

something's going wrong in Israel, the country is under extremists' control
[racistly assuming all Israelis are like the minority of settlers who are extremists. I suppose if I had posted a link to Hamas killing someone and posted "Trust these people?" everyone would have come down on me for racism. Other side, not so much]

Another day, another settlement. So what will the current U.S. administration do about this? Nothing unless we demand a halt to military aid to Israel.
[A better question is, what SHOULD the U.S. administration do about this?]

Israels military agression depends on a supply of american weapons. We could continue to supply those weapons. Im sure the IDF would change their minds about their illegal activity if our weapons were delivered DIRECTLY to them, without the shipping crates.
[i.e., attacking Israel. I'm sure the best way to stop military aggression is to counter-attack. That always works]

Israel has no desire for Peace it desires every Piece of Palestine
[Response: "sadly, you are correct"]

Israel is not building new settlement but rather digging its own grave.

It is time to let Isreal fend for itself. We pour billions of dollars into this arrogant country, they ignore our advice, have attacked us (calling it a mistake later) and in general, bite the hand that feeds it. They have no intention of working with the Palestinians. The UN created a land for them out of other people's lands and now they won't do the same for others. To hell with them. I say withdraw all aid and let them defend themselves. If the American Jewish community creates an uproar they can go there and help defend the country. I am not Anti-semitic...just tired of Isreal acting like some kind of a political DIVA.
[Now, there's nothing anti-Semitic about this statement, but it is kind of funny he makes sure he lets us know he's not anti-Semitic]

It seems unreasonable at the moment but their arrogance and self-indulgent greed is driving Israel to an inevitable conclusion: the one state solution. Realistically, after 40 years of occupation and settlement expansion it is now essentially one state that consists of full citizens and an oppressed under-class. On Israel’s current path, time and demographics are not their friends. Their nuclear weapons cannot defend them from the rot within.
[Responses: Yep...]


You mean that one-sided poor excuse of an offer [Camp David offer] that Arafat was offered by Barak and Clinton, the one that would have basically legitimized Israel's illegal occupation of Palestinian land?

Take any land upon which Israel has designs and it will always be owned by "islamic militants" :)

its futile. They [US senators and President] listen to Israel, not americans

Futile? They'll listen if enough of us threaten to not vote for them if they continue to give Israel unrestricted license to commit crimes against humanity.

It [an off topic article about Gaza] is relevant as an illustration of yet another aspect of the cruelty which the Israeli government inflicts upon the Palestinian people.

this makes me sick, israel continuously shows a finger to USA whenever it is asked to surrender what is not theirs, first thing to solve this is to vote out the aipac sold out congress folks who contribute to this madness by voting for aipac and taking a check from them in return...

[1948]"war of extermination"

or a war of "not wanting a load of immigrants coming along and changing the name of your country and pushing you off your land"

Israel very much enjoys playing the let's-see-­how-much-m­ore-longer­-we-can-pi­ss-off-the­-rest-of-t­he-world game. They've reached a point where no one can say or do anything to them anymore and that's dangerous.

Gideon Levy, an Israeli journalist puts it best when he said "Israel is in a 'coma' and needs outside help to get over its addiction to the occupation."

One side has everything - including nukes - and the other side has nothing. We support the side with everything. How un-American.
[ridiculous oversimplication]

Obama will never get fed up with Israel. It's not his choice.

Everybody knows who is the boss.
It must be a joke.
[Who's the boss? The Joooooos]

And we need to keep saying that Tel Aviv is the capital of Israel, a fact that Bibi has chosen to ignore.
[If the PM of Israel doesn't think Tel Aviv is the capital of Israel, he's not going to be convinced by the posters on the Huffington Post]

We recognize what Israel tells us to recognize.

Mr. Obama has no principles , he caved to Jewish lobby at the first sign of resistance.

nothing will happen in the united states of israel



    By BiggerBiggerPicture:

    "One has to understand Judaism in order to understand Israel. Judaism believes they are the Chosen People, so they have to defeat everyone else: Muslims, Christians, Hindus, Atheists, etc. That is why there are so many wars between everyone else. Israel wants to defeat everyone else by making everyone else against each other."

    I threw up in my mouth a little bit when I read it.

  2. The post I get copied was deleted, fortunately.

    However, I am now being accused of being both manipulative and delusional.

    I count that as a win, because the more posts by opponents of Israel that contain nothing but ad hominem attacks, the fewer real arguments they have.

  3. I saw that one, but it was gone before I could get a chance to post it here. What's your handle on the HP? Zach and mine are reflected by our pics.