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HuffPoWatch: Hezbollah Denies Link to Arms Ship Seized by Israel

Hezbollah Denies Link to Arms Ship Seized by Israel is an article which is pretty much matched by the headline: Israel seizes a ship they say is carrying weapons to Hezbollah, Hezbollah denies it. Which side gets the benefit of the doubt on the HP? Let's see. We'll start off with on topic comments and move further as we go down

First we have the assumptions of Israel's dishonesty, which are always nice to see

Hezbollah, you're the favor for this week. You did it because I say so. And its only piracy when someone else do, it in international waters, Not us.......can't you tell that we're the good guys we're wearing our white hats.

Israel needs to produce the evidence these arms were destined to Hezbollah. And the proof needs to be corroborated by some country such as France, because it is easy enough to create evidence.
[But when Sweden publishes organ-stealing articles, no additional evidence is needed to condemn the IDF]

We don't. Why do we always have to assume Israel is the victim?
600 tons of weapons held by Hezbollah pales in comparison to the millions of tons of weapons, including nuclear and chemical weapons, being held by Israel and repeatedly used against its neighbors in "preemptive" wars.
Israel is not beyond suspicion here. Let's see the evidence.

What flag was the ship under? Where was it loaded? Who was the Captain? (The Capitan has to be aware of the cargo.)
Other than accusations and claims there are no relevant facts in this report.
It is fishy.

Hezbollah, you can deny it, you can accept it. Matters not. Israel has to have an villain out to destroy them, you are the pick this week.

An Israeli operation from beginning to end.
Absolutely nothing else.
Not the first time and it won't be the last.
[no doubt in this poster's mind who is responsible]

No, but do we really believe that Israel didn't plant these weapons?

Their commandos just happened to pick the right ship and the right container to open.

Why would Iran send weapons by sea with a commercial carrier that travels through Israeli waters? Seems rather convenient to me.

Nobody is questioning whether or not they [the weapons] exist. We're questioning where they came from and where they were heading.


Next, we have the "Well, this is bad but Israel is bad too!" crowd, who draws in off-topic statements to slander Israel (something that is supposed to be against the commenting rules):

Israel never had to answer for boat load of Israeli made weaponds captured in the Phillipines headed for the terrorist there .

Yes, that would be why 2 out of every 3 people the IDF killed in Gaza was a civilian.

Perhaps you should amend your statement to read "Israel has weapons that can kill more civilians more rapidly and efficiently"

You're right. They like their weapons to destroy infastructure, terrorize, and inflict pollution and radiation. Killing civilians is an easy job, and Israel doesn't need weapons to do it... bulldozers, preventing border crossings for medical treatment, and other similar tools do the job well enough.

How on earth do they manage to kill more civilians than anyone else in the region then?
[The 10,000 Palestinians killed in Jordan might contradict this information, but I don't know for sure]

It is a shame somebody is not intercepting arms shipments to Israel. The Israelis have killed more innocent civilians than Hamas and Hezbullah together have done. Israel is responsible for many terrible crimes against humanity over the decades.
[responses: "Go saltzman" "Amen!" ]

Apart from failing to note Israel's unprovoked blitzkreig invasion of Lebanon in 1982 and its 20 year occupation (which included the massacre of at least 2000 defenseless civilians in the Sabra and Shatilla refugee camps for which Sharon was found to bear "personal responsibility," ) how convenient of you to ignore Israel's countless violations of Lebanon's airspace prior to the 2006 war and the fact that since 1967, Israel has occupied Lebanon's Shebaa Farms.

elcopone: I remind you that two of Israel's neighbors have signed peace treaties with Israel - Jordan and Egypt. I also remind you that Syria has pledged to to likewise if Israel withdraws from the occupied Golan Heights. It is also very likely that Lebanon will as well if Israel withdraws from the occupied Shebaa Farms. Furthermore, in 2000, the Arab League proclaimed the Beirut Summit Inititiative which offers Israel full recognition, exchange of ambassadors, trade etc. if it complies with international law and returns to its borders as of 4 June 1967. As with many previous offers, the Initiative was rejected by Israel. (Talk about "never missing an opportunity to miss an opportunity." )

Alberto Amato: Incorrect. Even a cursory analysis reveals that every war between the Arab states and Israel was either started directly or precipitated by Israel.


67 Israel lied when she said she was attacked by Egypt & Syria. [Israel never claimed this]
Fact-the war was started by an Israeli act of aggression
67 USS Liberty Incident Israel delibertly attacked a USS Naval vessel
killing 34 sailors & wounding over 170. Israel lied saying it was
a mistake. [Israel said it was a mistake, it's yet to be determined if it was a lie] NSA files releases 30 years after the fact say otherwise.
2001- Israel provides false evidence for non-existent WMD in Iraq
2001- 5 Dancing Israelis celebrate the collapse of the twin towers
Upon their deportation to Israel on national TV, they say their
mission was to document 9/11. How did they know & claim
not to know?
[It's a convenient arrangement ray has for himself here. He makes up lies about Israel as proof that Israel lied, which makes them difficult to contradict]


We have straight-up, unvarnished Israel bashing, which is nice only in its honesty.

Israel and American expansion and eventual dictatorial rule is the end game.
Every thing else is a lie!

One just needs to study US and Israel's history of deception, misinformation and misdirection to find this incident waaaaay too convenient, especially taking into account the current obvious goal of both countries... Bomb bomb bomb, bomb bomb Iran... when will people wake up?! Turn off your TVs and read some books!

Gee, refuse to show paperwork. Refuse to talk to Goldstone. Refuse to join NPT. Refuse to obey UN resolutions.

Those folks are just hard to get along with.

I agree they war a Crusade and want it to go into Africa too.

For people who want to hear firsthand stories from Israeli soldiers about what they have been doing to the people in Gaza and the West Bank, you can hear their testimonies here:

"by way of deception thou shalt make war" - mossad credo
[A lie that was called out by a pro-Israel poster]

Maybe if Hezbollah has enough sophisticated weaponry, Israel will think twice about blowing the hell out of Lebanon again. As usual, Israel wants to be portrayed as the victim when it has done nothing but create problems for itself. Example: Hezbollah, as a revolutionary social/military organization would not even exist today were it not for the brutal Israeli occupation of Lebanon during the 1980's. Israel could have genuine peace if it was truly interested in acting justly towards its hostages, the Palestinians.

I'm with KIV Possom. I have nothing against Jews but what the state of Israel does to disrupt the region and any hope for peace is beyond the pale. Even the language of Netanyahu's claim that "...(the) only goal (of the weapons) was to hit civilians and kill as many civilians as possible – women, children, old people," is annoying. How about defense against invasions of Israeli soldiers? Show the documents, and make your case according to international law and let the bloggers speculate as to what Hezbollah's intention may be with weapons it doesn't even have in its possession. What a charade to distract from the real abuses by the State of Israel that occurred in Gaza that it continues to try to deny. I say get Iran out of Lebanon, and Israel out of the US Congress!

No amount of the biIIons of miIitary vveapons we send to the israelis will change the fact that PaIestine belongs to the PaIestinians.
For several reasons, most importantly, however, the fact that it is an illegal and belligerent occupier of Palestinian and other Arab lands.
Not when Israel (can do no wrong) is involved. The IDF is the most moral army in the world.

Israel is rather paranoid as a country. Israel has invaded it's neighbors multiple times and has engaged in occupations in what is left of Palestine and Lebanon. Israel is the source of much of its' own grief by its' aggressive and irrational behavior.

When they called the 67 war defensive when in reality it was a land grab to fulfill their fanatical religious dreams.


Even one anti-USA statement:

The former U.S. administration is responsible for 1-million civilian deaths in Iraq. Look how the House passed the anti-Goldstone resolution almost unanimously. We are now complicit in all of those deaths in Gaza.


And lastly, some down-right strange statements/interpretations:

There is still the question of the Palestinians who were tossed off their land a few years ago. They just refuse to forget that. You of course realize that if Hezbollah had weapons equal to Israel's there would be peace within weeks.

[Right, because arming your enemies makes them less likely to attack you. That's a much better plan than disarming them]

Hezbollah did not fire a single rocket until after the Israels had attacked the International Airport at Damascus killing many international travellers and tourists.

In fact, contrary to pro-Israel hasbara, Jordan is not not and never was part of historic Palestine.


For the 10,000th time, Iran's leaders never shouted "for Israel to be wiped off the map."

Show me the exact quote in Farsi with accurate translation.
Good luck. The degree to which you believe this myth is the degree
to which you have been brainwashed.
[the fact that he believes 9/11 was an inside job but refuses to accept translations of speeches makes us wonder about his state of mind]

Listen to the men, both Americans and Israelis that were there [U.S.S. Liberty incident]. They are the experts.

There was an extended attack on a US spy ship by Israel. Not only were they cruising for information that Israel may not have wanted out there, but it may have also been attempt to create a false flag attack to suck the US into the conflict with Egypt.

These are not new tactics of war. It is a standard playbook.

Truth hurts.

[He makes up two possible explanations because he can't decide which one is more believable, and then claims he is speaking the truth]


Even in an article that should be pretty clear-cut as someone besides Israel did something wrong, the HPers refuse to accept any interpretation of the facts that don't result in Israel being the bad guy, even siding with Hezbollah to achieve this end. I wonder how they all can sleep at night, taking such drastic measures to maintain their flawed world views. Stay tuned for interpretations based off this post, I need to let it percolate some more.

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