Wednesday, November 4, 2009

HuffPoWatch: Hamas Missiles Can Strike Tel Aviv

Yesterday the Huffington Post published this article by the associated press. It was featured on the front page of the "World" section with the following screaming headline:


Anyway, despite it's prominence, the article has only at this point had about 45 comments. The ones that have been posted, however, show a clear hatred for Israel (and even one against Jews). Who would actually hope that genocidal terrorists like Hamas would be able to make war against innocent people? Apparently we need look no further. Just a reminder, this thread was fully moderated, so every comment was approved by the mods before it was posted:

We'll start with the commentors who thought that Israel were either completely making this up or were somehow behind it. The reason being so that they can start another war in their endless quest to conquer all of the Middle East...or something.

"Sounds like the Israelis are might be preparing the way for another Gaza invasion."
permalink Posted 09:39 PM on 11/03/2009
[response] - KIVPossum
"Sure. Doesn't look like they are going to get to bomb Iran this year."
permalink Posted 06:35 AM on 11/04/2009

"The IDF says in a Israeli newspaper that Hamas has a missile that is capable of striking Tel Aviv. Can "yellow cake" from Nigeria or illustrations of missile platforms be forth coming? Does ant of this sound familiar. Israel is poised to strike. Watch out for the night of the new moon." [This post was repeated again later]
permalink Posted 06:15 PM on 11/03/2009

"It is very important to keep everyone afraid, very afraid. And under control." [Jews as Nazis again?]
permalink Posted 12:17 PM on 11/03/2009

"I top that hysterical, fear mongering piece of propaganda with a "Goldstone Report" any day.
permalink Posted 11:26 AM on 11/03/2009

  alysheba 3 
"More scare tactics from Israel.
When ever anything critical is said about Israel it seems that suddenly Israel has new threats that the world must take notice of. Has anyone else noticed this tendency? If Israel is so worried than maybe they should start negotiations and end the illegal settlement building." [Hamas is hardly a new enemy, and if you read the Hamas Charter, you will see that no amount of negotiating will stop their threat of violence]
permalink Posted 09:58 AM on 11/03/2009

Tony Andrews 
You can almost hear the converstaion in the Knesset:

Netanyahu - "The world isn't buying the preemptive strike against nuclear weapons that the Iranians don't have excuse".
Liwberman - "Nah, they seem to have rumbled that one"
Netanyahu - "How about the extended range missiles Iran is supplying to Gaza?"
Lieberman - "What extended range missiles?"
Netanyahu - "Oh, for goodness sakes keep up. The non-existant extended range missiles that have to stand in place for the non-existant nuclear missiles that Iran doesn't have"
Lieberman - "But I thought we wanted to attack Iran?"
Netanyahu - "We do. But, if we blame Iran for supplying Hamas we can get them both"
Lieberman - "Oh, yes, I see now. Hey, Bibi, If we blame Syria for storing the non existant long range missiles, we've got excuses for Iran, Gaza AND Syria!"
Netanyahu - "Genius!!!"[Because there is no existential threat against Israel, they enjoy killing people and putting their soldiers at risk. Because they're evil. Of course.]

permalink Posted 01:24 PM on 11/03/2009

"General amos Yadlin - forgot to mention that of course he doesn't believe this 'military intelligence' himself - however it was too hard to resist duping the gullible to further the aims of zionism."
  permalink Posted 11:30 AM on 11/03/2009

"Does anyone have a list of armaments for BOTH sides?

Let's put this latest pathetic propaganda in perspective....."
permalink Posted 09:53 AM on 11/03/2009


Although the posts above were the typical character of the thread, there was also the racism against Israel and anti-semitic (or otherwise hateful) comments. We'll include them with comments that defend Hamas and think that they should have weapons to "defend" against Israel. To whit:

war mongering, scar mongering . . . israel is at it again .. . and why? because they don't want peace . . they do not want to honestly negotiate with the Palestinians . . . just wait . . . they will soon be launching Operation Cast Lead II . . .and what I wonder will America do then . . .
permalink Posted 10:23 AM on 11/03/2009

"Can you blame them? Goldstone is the proof that nothing in international law is going to protect them. If I was in their shoes, I'd be scrambling for better weapons, too. If Israel was in their shoes, it would have gone nuclear before permitting what it just did to Gaza to happen to Israel." [Egypt and Jordan can attest that Israel doesn't randomly attack other nations without provocation. If Hamas could keep those missiles in their silos, they wouldn't need "protection"]
permalink Posted 04:38 PM on 11/03/2009

And the best comment of the thread...

rosiebond007 permalink
"It would behoove Israel to get a move on with the Peace Process before the rockets are fired.

They keep dithering, complaining, building, harrassing, crying poor me - we keep sending them money for what ???
More delays - I don't buy it. They want the delays so that they can grab more land from the Palestinians.

Posted 12:53 PM on 11/03/2009

Nice catch there, moderators.

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