Tuesday, November 3, 2009

HuffPoWatch: Dems in House to Pass Resolution Defending Gaza War

I’ve already commented about the nature of this article in the last post. There have been quite a few Israel-related threads, but most of them still have a lot of comments pending, so I’ll focus on this one for today. Just as a reminder, this one is fully moderated, which means all comments have to pass by censors before they are allowed to be displayed. These posts have gotten to be kind of long in the past, so I’m going to focus on the highlights of the approximately 300 comments that have been posted.

ray01: “The title speaks volumes about the illegal Israeli occupation of our Senate, House & Oval office.
Release our people!”

permalink Posted 07:07 PM on 11/02/2009
I’d say this post speaks volumes about the paranoid mentality among the HuffPo crowd. The only way that the Congress could ever do something that the HuffPo doesn’t like is if the evil Israelis are manipulating them. Right out of the Protocols.
Pema: “many congress people have dual citizenship with israel. who is their loyality to? doesnt seem to be america first.”
permalink Posted 12:52 PM on 11/02/2009
Speaking of stereotypical anti-Semitic commentary, this one is the usual “Jews are traitors.” I have yet to hear any kind of source that says “many” Congressmen and women are also Israelis. There are 14 Jewish senators out of 99, and 30 Jews among over 400 Representatives. So unless there are dozens more Christian senators who hold dual citizenship with Israel, it looks like this post is yet another fib.
sizgorich: “Yeah, so does Rahm Emanuel, who also served in the I"D"F [he didn’t]. But this is the least our problems, really, given AIPAC's stranglehold on US lawmakers.”
permalink Posted 03:32 PM on 11/02/2009
Right, right. Jews control everything. We’ve heard it all before.
alysheba 3: “When has Congress ever worried about truth when supporting Israel's illegal actions?”
permalink Posted 09:58 AM on 11/02/2009
I was amused that the implication that it’s a new thing that politicians lie. What is more worrisome about this comment is the implication that anything Israel does, even blatant self-defensive measures, will be labeled “illegal.” Fortunately, Congress isn’t as in love with Israel-hatred as this poster.
Macready: “good point DC . . . it doesn't belong there . . once again the US subverts the UN . . . and just what is the US . . . it is a debt ridden economy . . . with a depleted army . . . and can't afford to play world cop any more and shouldn't . . I think Congress thinks the cold war is still on . . when what we are heading for is WWIII . . . and I still think they think the US has credibility . . . they are in fior a big shock . .”
permalink Posted 09:48 AM on 11/02/2009
Attacks on the US is something new. Notice how this poster thinks the UN should be telling the US what to do. I think if it were Israel instead of the UN suddenly his tune would change.
xena : “AIPAC resembles Scientology. They get dirt on Congress and turn them into puppets through blackmail. How can we possibly claim moral authority when Congress refuses to act on facts, just bribes. Actions like this paint a huge target on our backs and we lose credibility in the international community. The more we refuse tough love towards Israel, we endanger lives on both sides. I lost all respect for the Israeli government years ago when I realized they have no value towards human lives. This resolution adds to that.”

permalink Posted 12:12 PM on 11/01/2009
We may have found our most hateful remark of the thread. I gotta admit, the “blackmail” angle is a new one. I asked for sources in the thread but of course no one was able to provide one.
OnReflection : “I am very interested and eager to see the list of "Democrats" that would vote for this resolution!!
This will be a MAJOR turning point for the Democratic party!”
permalink Posted 07:13 AM on 11/01/2009
Real Democrats hate Israel like I do. Real Democrats are willing to support blatantly one-sided resolutions mired more in politics than justice. Not like those traitorous "Democrats" who were...you know...elected.
Tasies : “Your support of the Gaza massacre and all activities Isreal puts you in par with Dick Cheney.”
permalink Posted 04:52 PM on 11/02/2009
Personal attacks and blood libel against Israel all in the same post. Awesome.
Neal Jansons: [To a pro-Israel poster] “Newsflash, war-criminal apologist:”
permalink Posted 06:21 PM on 10/31/2009
That’s about as blatant an ad hominem attack as I’ve ever seen. Now, we’ll close with a classic:
SFA: “Congress is an Israeli occupied Territory......”
permalink Posted 06:14 AM on 11/01/2009

Aaah, I love it.

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