Wednesday, November 11, 2009

HuffPoWatch: Argument by Repetition

It shouldn't come to anyone's surprise that the Huffington Post favors anti-Israel articles over pro-Israel articles, though at least they make an attempt at balance. Lately, though, I have noticed a massive fixation over particular Israel-related issues coming out of the opinion section of the Huffington Post.

Let's start with the Berlin Wall/security barrier comparison. I have already talked in the Queen Rania thread about how fallacious the comparison is, and yet the Huffington Post can't get enough of it. For example:

We'll start with the Queen Rania article on November 9th: "Another Disive Wall,"
Then the HP published another article on the same day by Robert Naiman: "Mr. Netanyahu, Tear Down This Wall."
And yesterday, the 10th, they had yet another article on the same topic by my old buddy Kevin Coval, "The Wall: 20 Years After Berlin." Of course this wasn't so much an article as a cutesy poem revealing a complete an utter lack of understanding.
UPDATE: On the night of the 11th (which is now yesterday), HuffPo published one more article  by Ahmed Shihab-Eldin: "Celebrating Berlin While Enabling Israel's Apartheid Wall."

How many articles do they need to make the same point? And here is a list of all the articles the HP published talking about how this comparison was absurd, insulting, and betrayed a complete derth of knowledge on the subject:


In another example, we have the whole shindig regarding the Congressional resolution to reject the Goldstone Report. This took place on November 3rd. Naturally, the Huffington Post published quite a bit of commentary on it before and after the voting.

On the day of the vote (the 3rd), HP published an article by Dennis Kucinch in which he calls for a vote against rejection: "Standing Against the 'Wrong is Right' Goldstone Report.
HP also dug up Minnesota's 5th district representative Keith Ellison for his pro-Goldstone work, "Read Goldstone's Report on Gaza."
Then we had an article by Salena Tramel (the 4th): "Congress, Accountability, and the Goldstone Report."
On the 9th the HP published Fred Abrahams' "On Israel, Congress Tolerates Abuse,"
And yesterday, (the 10th), we had yet another article crying about Congress' decision by Noura Erakat: "Delusional Self-Defense, Delusional Congress Vote."
UPDATE: Today (the 14th), yet another article was posted with more details about the Congressmen and women who were the minority votes, obviously portraying them as heroes. This was James Zogby's "A Debate Worth Noting"

Of course, there was not even one article saying that Goldstone's report is full of carp and Congress should reject it altogether. Apparently telling both side of the story isn't in Huffington's philosophy.

Matt and I don't really like writing about whether the HP itself has certain political views or not when it comes to Israel (though it very clearly does). But in a situation like this, when you have five op-ed pieces all singing the same tune, how can HuffPo even claim to be an objective news site? They clearly have an agenda to push, and from what we've seen of the readership, they are preaching to the choir.

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