Monday, November 9, 2009

HuffPoWatch: Another Divisive Wall

We had a royal article on the Huffington Post today! The Queen Rania of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan herself deigned to provide us mere mortals with some of her words of wisdom: Naturally she was all about bashing Israel. This time it was using a fallacious Berlin Wall-West Bank barrier comparison. I'll probably do an article in the future about how wrong this analogy truly is (and why people make it) as the 20th anniversay of the Berlin Wall's fall lead the Israel-bashers to jump on it as inspiration for more slander. Comments are still coming on, so I may need to update the post as more hate is written.

But anyway, the Huffington Posters ate up Her Majesty's words and jumped on the bandwagon. AS we've all grown to expect, more than a few lines were crossed. We'll start with accusations that the Palestinian terror isn't a real threat (I guess all those people who died in suicide bombings don't count), and that Israel only built the fence to steal land or because they are jerks:

"If the Israeli wall were really a "fence," it would protect Palestinians from Israeli attacks. But it's really a rampart for Fortress Israel. (It's also a pretext for stealing some more Palestinian land.)"
["Fortress Israel" is a new one. But I think that if Israeli terrorists were trying to smuggle bombs into the West Bank, the fence would indeed help stop them. Regardless, it's funny how this poster completely ignores reality.]

"There is no difference. the Israeli wall is JUST as much a prison wall as the Berlin wall. Any attempt to couch this fact with the tired "defense" argument is delusional."

"lightningbolt - you forgot the land grab angle.
And land grab comes before eveything."

"The Israelis use the wall as a tool with which to imprison their neighbors, as well as to consolidate and expand their illegal holdings in Palestine. I wish that our leaders in the United States used this day to call for the destruction of another anachronistic wall. The Israeli government needs to understand that the politics of terror, intimidation and Apartheid are the politics of the past."

 Then we have the attacks on the US of A, including the old anti-Semitic conspiracy theory about Jewish control of government:

"Excellent analogy Ms Rania. We never hear any republicans on the AIPAC payroll imitate their fearless leader Reagan by saying; "Tear Down This Wall Mr Netanyahu". Whats the difference between the disgraceful Wall in Berlin and the disgraceful Wall in Jerusalem?" [Of course, it's only the evil *Republicans* who are part of the Joooish conspiracy. Not the noble Democrats.]

"There is no need for Israel to become either reasonable or humane as long as they have a powerful ally who insists on neither, because there is no political force in the US to counteract the AIPAC Likud Lobby. This is why the invasion of Gaza saw only five in the Senate bold enough to vote against the bill commending the brave Israeli army.

I fail to see how a religous purity prevents free and fair elections from the Jordan to the sea, but only Qaddafi even suggests such an outrageous remedy as democracy. So I wonder why Israel cannot at the very least shrink back into its 1948 borders and allow such bold settlers in the West Bank who insist on staying to run candidates as they are able and abide by the results, same as any of us must do. After all, Abbas is a much wiser and more able leader than the Crawford Cretin of old."

"Right you are, your Highness. That wall is shameful, and the US is shameful for supporting it. The US has NO credibility when it comes to justice, rule of law, and human rights because of this toxic alliance with your neighbor. I've been to Jordan--lovely place. I've been to Palestinian refugee camps there--not so lovely. I look at Hillary Clinton celebrating in Germany while facilitating injustice in Palestine...quite a farce." [Singling out Israel again? It's not because of our alliance with Saudi Arabia or China? Here's the dance of US-good, US-bad that Matt was talking about again]

Finally, we'll conclude with blatant and hateful attacks on Israel, Jews, and people who dare to disagree with the Huffington majority on this particular topic:

"Pretty soon the Palestinian will be on reservations like the Indians are here. The Israeli will live lives of fear and paranoia like the Euro-American now, until that place is destroyed like this place is being manually taken apart. A nation founded on Barbarity can not stand. The U.S. did it and so the Israeli feels justified to do the same. There is precedent for the action taken to take the land and resources of Palestine and the Palestinian people. When Jews do what they are doing to the Palestinians it is manifest destiny. When the Palestinian fight back it is terrorism. A lot of twisted psychology going on in this dilemma. It makes the whole world unstable."

[Directed at an Israeli poster] "Yeah, because you blame Palestinians every time you massacre them."

"Too bad Jewish Leadership is so pig headed. And so very short" [Short?]

[In response to a comment about how the fence saves lives from Palestinian terror] "Yes, and if only the more rebellious blacks hadn't caused such a ruckus prior to emancipation, things would have been so much more peaceful in the South."

"You're right. The attack on the UN school during Cast Lead was yet another horrific example of a regime without morals." [You mean the attack that never happened?]

"Throughout history, the powerful have found ways to keep the less fortunate divided.
By fear, by ignorance, by religious manipulation, any way possible to divert their attention
away from the people who are exploiting them.
Greed divides Israel." [Yeah, those greedy Jews! How dare they try and keep their children, friends and neighbors alive!]

"Although this article proves a point nothing will happen until all those pro-Israel supporters in America get a conscious. They are all too quick to jump whenever their is an incident against an Israeli but totally indifferent to any and all the crimes against Palestinians and anyone who tries to seek a fair resolution."

The good news is that on this thread there were much more pro-Israel voices. So maybe that is a sign of the changing times. Feel free to join up and provide your voice.


  1. Neither of my comments were approved: one a rhetorical question to Queen Rania about the stripping of Jordanian citizenship from Arabs whose families lived in Judea and Samaria, and the other reminded everyone that all of Israel's territory has been won in the process of defending her citizens from wars of extermination initiated by the Arab states.

  2. Queen Rania may be wrong about the security wall, but her thumbnail picture at least is totally hot. That should count for something.

  3. Queenie is also a palistinian--funny how she can live so royally while her hubbie strips the rights from, and forbids her own people from living as equals in the country she is queen of. Somehow even being hot can't make up for that.