Thursday, November 12, 2009

HuffPoWatch: Abbas Resists U.S. Pressure to Resume Peace Talks

Well, the title of this latest article says it all. Abbas refused to resume talks with Netanyahu, clinging to his demand for a complete freeze on the settlements before he would come to the table. Whether you feel like this is a legitimate demand or not, who would come forward and defend someone who refuses to talk? As usual, the Huffington Post came forward to defend Abbas' intransigence. And as usual, it's Israel's fault that he won't negotiate. Somehow I think if it was Netanyahu refusing to resume peace talks, the HuffPosters would not be blaming the Palestinians. Short post today, so no cut:

"He is sick of being stabbed in the back."

"don't blame him one bit . . . I agree with him . . israel must stop building illegal settlements before the peace talks can resume . . . . the continued building of illegal settlements undermines the peace process"

"pressure for peace talks or bullying to concede to Isre@l's wishes?"

"I have to congratulate Abbas on's 100% clear that Israel is NOT interested in negotiations and the US is NOT an honest broker
the US wants phony talks to distract attention from the screw up they've gotten themselves in in Afghanistan"

"Good for him. Seems far too often Israel only wants to talk peace when world opinion begins shifting too far away from them, which gives them time to steal more land."

"What an opportunity. An opportunity to talk about a process that might lead to talks about a peace process that might lead to peace if the Palestinians let the Israelis have their way on every issue.
White bigots in the 1930s deep south gave blacks more 'rights' than Israel gives the Palestinians."
"I don't blame him. Hillary's b.s. praise for Israel's "restraint" for only building 3000 settlement homes in the occupied zone was really the final straw. Why should he bother if we're (United States) merely going to praise the oppressor for merely pushing in the knife and refraining from pushing in and twisting the knife?"

"[To a pro-Israel poster] Shed your persecution complex and you might gain a little credibility.
btw, Where is the mysterious arms ship Israel captured and says is full of "civilian specific" arms for Hizbollah? You know, the box and crates that the ships crew says were not opened and inspected on the there would be witnesses to what if anything was actually in the boxes?
The Israeli propaganda Factory has gone strangely silent.....for supposedly catching the "enemy" red-handed."

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