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HPW: Tony Blair Defends Israel on I/P Situation

Yesterday the Huffington Post published a New York Times editorial written by Tony Blair, ex-Prime Minister that defends President Obama's choices regarding the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Here's an example of a quote from it:

"And I do emphasize that as well. The president set this at the beginning. This is, to my mind, the big difference from what has come before. At the very beginning of this administration, he set that as a core strategic objective. I have absolutely no doubt he holds to that and whatever the difficulties and the obstacles; we have to find a way through. And personally, although as I say I am optimist by nature, I believe we will."
Sounds pretty positive, right? Yet for some rather unusual reason, there was a lot of negativity from the talkbackers in the comments thread. I am thinking that it is more directed at the messenger rather than the message itself, as Tony Blair was the leader of Britain during the Iraq invasion and apparently was in favor of it. So even though he agrees with Obama on some issues, he is still lost forever in the minds of the HuffPosters.

Where I was confused was in many attacks on the New York Times itself. It's one thing to disagree with a paper, but in this thread it only tangentially had to do with the subject. I guess people who feel strongly about the NYT would take any venue to attack it. Oh, they didn't forget to bash Israel as well! Let's take a look at some of the individual remarks.

I'll start with an example of the anti-Blair and anti-New York Times comments first. These are two examples, but there were many more:

Tony, you're a pariah. Didn't you get the message when all the other EU members held their noses and turned their backs on you over the EU presidency thing?

Cheerleaders for the Iraq War.
Nuff said.

Now here are the anti-Israel and anti-Jewish remarks, in no particular order. Just as a reminder, this was an unmoderated thread.:

We need to pull out of Israel entirely. They are doing to their neighbors exactly what was happening to them in the 1930's in Europe. Now Israel is wearing the Jackboots is the only difference anyone can see. No more welfare payments. They need to sign the nuclear non-proliferation treaty too. [Anti-Semitism]

F Israel!
They have their own army time for them to fight their own battles. Why are we dealing with them anyway. When did Israel give funds to the US but I have to fund a country that treat people of color like animals.
Sounds good to me. We urgently need a decisive President if we are ever going to have any impact on the major crimes that are being committed around the world (of which the Israeli occupation and oppression is the worst). [Double standard and demonization.]

I don't see us handing $3 Billion a year to mexican drug cartels to continue their illegal activities - but we do that for Israel.
Do try to keep up.
[I have a feeling that comparing a sovereign state to professional criminals crosses the line from disagreements on policy to hate speech.]

All one needs to know about the New York Times and its “journalistic” integrity in regards to all things Israel is to examine it’s very limited and brief coverage of the cowardly and deadly Israeli attack upon the U.S.S. Liberty. No outrage, no demands for investigations, no nothing – just hurry up make the damned thing go away. But to be fair, the Times was hardly alone in trying to “disappear” the story, for you also had the rest of the mainstream media, the Congress and the President wishing and working toward that same end - and they've never stopped! [OMG conspiracy theory!]

The New York Times suggested that the president should have played complicated diplomatic games with Israel. This is exactly what Israel likes best because it allows them to continue to expand settlements while they pretend to negotiate for peace. Then after making this assessment they suggest just the opposite, that the president should impose a solution. I think that the air has been cleared and it is a welcome change. The Israelis are furious because the President didn’t play along with a wink and a nod. The last point in the editorial I agree with. A solution should be imposed on the two parties and it should probably be a two state solution.
[Pretty tame by HuffPo standards, but suggesting that we "impose" a solution is still a pretty arrogant point of view.]

The Return of the "Zionist Occupied Government!"
actually, we're puppets of the israelis..­.(unfortun­ately, I might add...)

I think you've got that backwards.­The Israeli govt. exerts more influence over US policy, through AIPAC and dual citizenship members of the US govt. than we do over theirs. Are you aware that the two companies that analyze the data collected by the US telecom giants are both based in Israel?)
The fact that the NY Times is against the Obama approach to negotiating middle east peace tells me that the President is doing something right. The Times has been an Israeli propaganda organ on this issue since day one. [Two-fer]

AmeriCo and Israel both occupy foreign land. They have little credibility when it comes to the word "peace."

The NY Times might as well change its name to The Yeshiva Daily [Responses: "Or Jpost," and "Indeed"]

It already is a One State, just give everyone equal rights and abolish discrimination and racism. [Right...]

Until Israel stops putting human shields in the form of settlements in the West Bank, there will never be peace. [Easily the most WTF-worthy post on the thread. Because Palestinian terrorists can't just walk around the settlements to get to their targets?]

The two-state solution is dead! The sooner people understand this fact the better it will be. Israel will never give back anything. Thus, in 20 or 30 years when the Palestinians outnumber Jews even in Israel proper, we will have a much worse version of Apartheid than South Africa. Then, there will be real turmoil and Israel will be forced to give Palestinians equal rights. Gaza will be a separate country eventually ruled by Hamas or whatever its successors might be. The West Bank is gone forever.

Because he states the message the powers that be want in the media. The day we realize Israel sets our (USA's) foreign policy in all things the sooner we will at least be dealing with reality.

Keith Mayass
AhAh , The UK defending Israel....
they promoted "white supremacy" strategy until 1970...
The UK : first country to promote overtly "white supremacy" in colonies by shipping poor UK children from 1920's to 1968..... to populate thhe colinies with whites in Canada, Australia, New Zealand ....
read excuse from australian goverment
[He then posted links. Basically he's implying that Israel is in favor of white supremacisy...or just racist...I think.]

The Israelis are as interested in making an amicable settlement with the Palestinians as the Devil was with making amends with God!
[Responses include "tee hee, got that right." I don't know if he *intended* to compare Israel with the Devil, but it doesn't seem quite right.]

More to the point, Blair is saying that it will take more than 11 months to solve years old problems. It's amazing that people outside of the US can see what some inside the US refuse to see. I'm all for peace, but Israel is just a big bully. They expect the palestines to give up their land and evict their people just cause Israel says so. But I do see some mellowing on Israle part, at least a little bit. They will stop some of the settlement building, although not in the spots that matter the most.
[Not so much hateful but very misinformed. Israel doesn't expect the Palestinians to do any of that. The Palestinians do expect that of the Israelis, though. A similar post by the same user was repeated down the thread.]

Well a neocon hawk would defend another, so who cares about one man's opinion or another's? It's the facts. Obama said halt the settlements and Net. is full speed forward. I don't know about you but that 'says' something to me.
We give them BILLIONS each year and yet are unable to control them. You will know Obama and friends are serious when they cut off the flow of cash to back up their stance. Until then, it is just posturing. So what's new?

You can keep repeating the lie that Israel is a US ally, but it's still a LIE!!! [You calling Obama a liar?]

ally????..­.wasn't some guy caught sp.ying for them about a month ago...that story went away real quick, huh?..... [The Jooos must have buried it!]

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