Tuesday, November 10, 2009

HuffPoWatch: David Harris: Boycott Israel? Norwegian University Must Decide

A couple of days ago the Huffington Post carried a great article by David Harris about the hypocrisy of some Norwegian boycotts of Israel. I highly suggest you check it out.

Naturally, it set off some nasty remarks from the talkbackers, just like every column about Israel. There were attacks on Israel, Israelis, and David Harris himself. For example:

"You are misrepresnting the Norwegian academics . . . which for your own ends . . it does not strengthen your argument . . rather the reverse . . .
I am am with them!. . . I applaud them . . . I hope other instittutions will follow their lead!"

And our most hateful comment of the entire thread:

"Mr Harris, try to be more subtle in your subjective zionist propaganda. You state why the norwegians are calling for a boycott- 'the occupation' - then you try to get us to ignore the facts of such(the ghastly and inhumane deeds perpetuated against palestinians on a daily basis), by shouting that someone wants to destroy you. The facts remain the same: Israel is an occupier, not like the allies after WWII, who helped the vanquished rebuild economies and institutions, who implemented fairness, justice, kindness, not theft, dispossession, imprisonment, destruction, apartheid policies and colonisation.

"For God's sake man, please try to rediscover the humanity within yourself. The world is sick and tired of Israel's inexcusable and rotten behaviour."


"This story is being GROSSLY misrepresented by it's author... Israel is running the worlds only violently enforced colonial settler movement in violation of international law as interpreted by the US state departments reading of the Geneva convention. This has led to thousands of unnecessary deaths and to decades suffering for millions of palestinians...
In fact, I hope our president takes an important lesson from these brave people and starts to bring SERIOUS financial and diplomatic pressure to bear on this ultra right wing, radical Israeli administration."

"give me a break, can anyone please stop the intel, cell, internet innovations example please!!! if they invented they got paid was it given free to the world?" [So strange and off-topic I just had to post it]

"One state. Send in the army and marines to make sure the Israelis don't try to undermine the democracy (the powerful are never willing to let go). [Right, because it's only the *Israelis* who will try and destroy the democracy. BS] Thats my call. Regardless, this is a great development. About damn time too. Should be some boycotts over the US too, until Bush and co are prosecuted. Same with any state, corp, or organization that commits atrocities. Actually we would have to prosecute a hell of a lot more than Bush and co to clean our slate. Ooof.. we got work to do."

[To a pro-Israel poster] "Your comments on the Palestinians reminds me of the comments that many white people made about the African-Americans during in the 50’s and 60’s."

"Israel is reaping what it sows. For over 40 years Israel has been expanding the West Bank settlements and blocking any external effort toward a two-state solution. Now that the world is rightly using stronger measures Israel is trying to play the victim card again, unfortunately the world has become wise to the Hasbara spin.

Why has the MSM not picked up the fact that the IAEA has passed a resolution to asking Israel to accede to the Nuclear Non- proliferation Treaty (NPT) and to put its entire nuclear program under IAEA inspections as all other countries in the Middle East have agreed to?...
Another example of Israeli exceptionalism."

"They [the Norwegians] better be careful, otherwise the could be invaded by the IDF."

"HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA - You got me with that "Israel is ready to extend the hand of peace." HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA"

"boycott Israel.
Why do you think we are at war in the mid east?
To protect Israel."

"Israel should be boycotted because it can work and the boycott can help end the suffering of the Palestinians under Israel's cruel occupation. Yes other countries do bad things, and the appropriate tools should be used to stop those countries. But pointing fingers and claiming it is not fair to single out Israel is only designed to distract attention from the brutality and crimes Israel is engaged in on an ongoing basis." [Saltzman out preaching his usual, as well as defending racism and double standard]

Fortunately, the comments were contained and the pro-Israel posters were quite diligent in standing up to the hate. Hopefully it is a sign of changing times.

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