Sunday, November 1, 2009

HuffPoWatch: Clinton Makes Personal Bid to Renew Mideast Talks

Yesterday an article with the above title ran on Huffington Post. There were of course quite a few reactions from the two sides, but nothing to provoke ire against Israel.
Clinton said that Israel had made “unprecedented” concessions on the subject of the settlements, Netanyahu said he was willing to start negotiations right away, and the Palestinians refused to resume peace talks until their demands were completely met. Hamas said that the US couldn’t do it and that Clinton would never succeed. Therefore, most of the rage on the HuffPo was against Clinton and Israel. It should be noted that this thread was unmoderated, so even though the mods weren’t responsible for what was posted, it does give us a unique look into the minds of the people who talkback on the Huffington Post.

We’ll start with the usual bigotry and racist attacks against Israel and Israelis. We’ll include attacks on Israel’s right to exist and the occasional anti-Semitism:
gymmy permalink
“........................oh the argument, ".well look who stole land from the North American Indians?"...this my favorite Israeli dooshbag response”
Posted 03:21 AM on 11/01/2009
LeeCalif permalink
“Go f yourself Clinton. Both you and the Israelis can go do that.”
Posted 05:39 PM on 10/31/2009
NYkid permalink
“PaIestine belongs to the PaIestinians. 2ionists should go back to Europe and Russia.”
Posted 02:09 PM on 10/31/2009
Stables permalink
read the old testament there will be no concessions and the slaughter will be justifidied(women children goats and so forth), they will keep the Palestinians cramped n locked tight in that interment camp they call gaza because they cant have any radicalized Arabs infesting the holy land no can we.
Posted 09:22 PM on 10/31/2009
changeself permalink
“what did people expect,

the neo-lib war criminals offering up themselves to Hague

by endorsing goldstein's report that Israel is a state of war criminals?”

Posted 04:31 PM on 11/01/2009

Ospree67 permalink
“Stop electing Schumers, Nadlers, Boxers, etc. These people act like dual citzens.”
Posted 09:45 AM on 11/01/2009

Ospree67 permalink
“Ze "Palestinians" do not exist! Zerfore vee can settle all zee land! Mazel Tov!”
Posted 02:11 AM on 11/01/2009
Ospree67 permalink
“Why do you h8 the go y? I have a go yische kopf???” [There were quite a few like this from this guy. Though he is banned now, the comments remain]
Posted 01:24 AM on 11/01/2009
ten pounds permalink
“there is no Israel, there is only an Occupied Palestine.”
Posted 02:26 AM on 11/01/2009
who38 permalink
“As mass suicide of Palisinians would satisfy many Zionists. Let's be fair here.”
Posted 07:20 AM on 11/01/2009
This time around there were more blatant lies about Israel, including a couple Jews-as-Nazis comments and other anti-Semitic conspiracy theories. Usually the posters stick to a playbook, but as there were more people writing, they got more creative:
ray01 permalink
Now that you mentioned 'dancing Israelis' [a popular conspiracy theory]... upon their return to Israel, they mention on national TV that their mission was to document 9-11. How did they know it was to happen? [If you click on this video the opening line is “Did the Jews know the Twin Towers were going to be hit?”]”
Posted 10:05 AM on 11/01/2009
TheBaffler permalink
“You mean they're interested in retrieving their land stolen by Izzyrael?”
Posted 06:03 AM on 11/01/2009
mrh3 permalink
“Oops you stole their land.”
Posted 01:59 AM on 11/01/2009
Lavina I'm a Fan of Lavina permalink
“You would have to know who is "running the show" in Hollywood....”
Posted 01:07 AM on 11/01/2009

NeverUndecided permalink
“Isreal's intent has long been clear - to over time to simply beat Palestinians into submission, break the very will to remain a cohesive people.

And we've never lifted a finger to stop them - quite the contrary.”

Posted 02:40 AM on 11/01/2009
Peter Noble 2 I'm a Fan of Peter Noble 2 I'm a fan of this user 12 fans permalink
“We need to be tougher on Israel and cut them off. They control every aspect of Palestinian life. In some cases they deliberately force delays on Palestinians receiving medical treatment and they die. Such actions breed rage and that brings on terrorism. A person with a bomb against F16's is no match. Israel likes to believe the land was empty and these interlopers deserve no pity.

And what part of American values does Israel represent? No Arab-Israeli can ever become PM or President of Israel. An Israeli marrying a Palestinian is not allowed to live in Israel with their spouse let alone gain citizenship. Race laws bolster a democracy whose sole point of existence is to deny others full citizenship.

Every nation has a right to defend itself but also a repressed and subjugated people have a right to fight for freedom. Israel has our F16s to slaughter Palestinians and Hamas has home made rockets built from lamp posts, AK47's, suicide bombers and children throwing stones at tanks. Israel responds to a child throwing stones or a peacenik as severely as if there were a bomb strapped to them.

Posted 12:42 PM on 10/31/2009

checkmoot permalink
“Absolutely correct. Stop the giveaway of American tax dollars to Israel until they stop the slow genocide that is being done to non-Jews in Palestine. Not another dime.”
Posted 05:51 PM on 10/31/2009
OkieIntellectual permalink
“I give it another generation until the international community finally puts a stop to Israel's obfuscated attempt at Palestinian genocide. There's still too many folks in power who are swayed by Israel's constant guilt-tripping over the events surrounding WWII. We're going to have to wait until there is enough chronological distance from that to see any real change in the region. Once the cries of "remember the holocaust!" stop having the impact that they have on the collective psyche that they do now, world leaders will no longer hesitate at using a heavier hand to get the Israeli government to play nice instead of being the schoolyard bully.”
Posted 06:04 PM on 10/31/2009
Thiele permalink
“Concessions? Israel is legally obligated to STOP, period. The settlements are a war crime under the Geneva Conventions. You don't take baby steps to stop committing war crimes; you simply stop and then hold those responsbile accountable.”
Posted 10:07 AM on 11/01/2009
skialethia permalink
“The irony is that the West Bank is filled to the brim with immigrants from Eastern Block countries and thus who are accustomed to the deluded power of CENSORSHIP. That's why they and their like-minded sympathizers have redefined Anti-S to include ALL criticism of IZ and resorted to silence dissent with this tactic. Too bad they are on a different turf now and are miserably losing the war of public opinion because of this "bully" tactic.”
Posted 02:10 PM on 11/01/2009
Thelonius permalink
“Setting aside the fact that there is no comparison between the circumstances leading to the expulsion of over one million Palestinians between 1948 and 1967 .....the gradual emigration of Jews from Arab countries during the same period (600,000 went to Israel and they vehemently reject being referred to as "refugees"), one fundamental fact is paramount: Palestinians were driven from their homes and ancestral homeland by Jewish militia and the IDF. Palestinians, however, were not involved in the emigration of Jews from Arab countries. Hence, what is known to Middle East historians as the "Myth of the Double Exodus."”
Posted 11:13 PM on 10/31/2009
And finally, because it deserves it’s own category, there was the endless accusations that the American government has been hijacked by “the Jews,” and some went so far as to claim that Hillary herself was a “Zionist agent:”
Ergon permalink
“The SecState exists only to carry out Israeli Foreign policy.”
Posted 04:01 PM on 11/01/2009
XzibitX permalink
“Hill is more 2!0.n!st than anything else. You really didn't expect her to go against N3ta.nYahoo, did you?”
Posted 03:45 PM on 11/01/2009
miguelobrien permalink
“HC has a long history as an IZ agent. Why not have them expand into Texas. They could surely live in peace there.”
Posted 11:45 AM on 11/01/2009
Thelonius permalink
“Meanwhile, the rest of the world is aghast and disgusted as the Israeli dog continues to wag the American dog. Will we ever have a president who has the courage to act like one when it comes to expansionist/occupier Israel? “
Posted 05:23 PM on 10/31/2009
NYkid permalink
“Yea. There is no way to read the situation right when you are on the payroII of AlPAC and the 2ionists.”
Posted 02:14 PM on 10/31/2009
NYkid permalink
“"do no harm" is too difficult for 2ionist HiIIary Clinton to seII to AlPAC, to whom both CIinton's are soId to.”
Posted 02:11 PM on 10/31/2009

NYkid permalink
“No US officiaI working for AlPAC has any credibility. That's a no b_rainer.”
Posted 02:13 PM on 10/31/2009
Newthron permalink
“I kind of falling back in raw uncontrollable emotions, when I read this kind of statement.

Unprecedent concessions!!!#$%@%$^#%$. It's more like unprecedent back tracking.

Unprecedent "happy-face-slapping."

Unprecedent bend over for This-rael.

Unprecedent @$$worming party.

I mean, what is going on? Do they truly belive that our I.Q has flew back into the Neanderthal age?”

Posted 08:15 PM on 10/31/2009
BiggerBiggerPicture permalink
The Palestanians should realize what they are doing is bound to fail. Israel and the US are essentialy the same country because of the Jewish political power in the US. So, the Palestanians should ask the UN as the mediator for peace talks. And, the Palestanians should ask the US and the international community to commit themselves to support WHATEVER the UN's decision and findings are. Otherwise, their situation is hopeless. Obama speaks well, but he is pretty much owned by the Jewish political interests in the US. (There is no Arab in his administration). Ownership = political power, so the Arab nation and people should try to own as much as possible in the world and in the US, then no one will be able to mess with you. Suicide bombing certainly does not help to increase ownership, so the Arab nation and people should turn their attention to ownership rather than violence. You have to learn from your enemy.
Posted 10:09 PM on 10/31/2009
Ospree67 permalink
“A I P A C owns Hillary. She is so owned.”
Posted 11:32 PM on 10/31/2009
Justtellthetruth permalink
“Secretary Clinton is simply carrying Netanyahus water, as she has always done. The only thing that's "unprecedented" is the depth to which she has her entire head up his A$*

It is no wonder that someone ELSE from the state department had to clarify what the ACTUAL position of the US is regarding putting an end to the settlements, in order to undo the damage caused by Clinton's personal political journey, and the a$*es she feels she must kiss to get there.

Unpreceddnted? sure. Unprecedented A$* kissing.”

Posted 10:41 PM on 10/31/2009
There have been a couple of other related threads with some interesting comments. We may cover some of them in the future.

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