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Anti-Semitism on the Huffington Post Master List

Update: This is no longer being updated, but we're keeping it around as a relic of a bygone era. So it goes.

Before Matt and I started this blog, we begin keeping a list of all the anti-Semitic comments we could find on the Huffington Post. This post will be where we keep them, and will remain in a sidebar for future reference. It will also be updated as new material eventually becomes available.
This includes it all: False comparisons, accusations of a "Zionist occupied government," and straight up insults. It is worth noting that quite a few of these posts have been deleted, and some of the people who wrote them have been banned. However, just the fact that we were able to see them and record them is a prime example of how lackadaisical the Huffington Post moderation system is. Without further ado, let's get to it:
Antisemitism on the Huffington Post
Obama and Biden are non-issues with regards to this issue. Almost the entire WEST is a non-issue.
They all support the status quo so they are not interested at all in changing anything, just PR stunts.
Any enforcement of any deal will be done by Eastern forces, particularly Russia, China, and certain European states who have shed the last vestiges of Jewish servility.
Only nations with strong GENTILE populations and governments have the power to stand up to this kind of evil we are seeing in Israel. As for the US, on your knees, ive got something Kosher for ya!

Yes, Rachel Corrie was a typical white westerner who thought that the Israeli were, at heart, a civilized people who shared her American values system [she along with the rest of the American public had been told so by Israeli PR ads on TV] and would therefore respect her, white westerner, life.
She learnt, to her cost, that those PR ads were untrue.
And for this you despise her as an imperialist.

i guess nobody told the palestinians that the hebrews still run hollywood

An act of courtesy that was turned into a symbol of humiliation by the ever tactful Israeli "diplomat" involved.
It is becoming increasingly obvious that no Israeli is capable of apologizing for anything.


True, murder is clearly an Israeli tradition and those who don't appreciate Israel's traditions are CLEARLY anti-Semetic.
Are you supporting the IDF orders to shoot unarmed civilians? You are correct. Its not like the holocaust. Its more like the ShutzeStaffel killing civilians in Warsaw.
Do you really think that Palestinian kids think Israelis are great people and that these cartoons are making them hate??? If so you are really brainwashed. These cartoons are in fact an accurate depiction of what Israel has been doing to the Palestinians for over 50 years! Have you bothered to read the numerous reports, many by Israeli soldiers themselves, that Israeli soldiers in Operation Cast lead were order to fire upon civilians?! This is not anti-Semitism! I should know since my grandparents were actual victims of anti-Semitism. Anti-Semitism is not cartoons. It's liquidation of entire villages and the wanton slaughter of women and children. It's what Israel has been doing for over 50 years! 
NO you need one if you support genocide and theft and ethnic cleansing if you support them.
Better yet read the Protocols of the Elders of Zion. 
David, as a fellow world traveller and frequent commenter on Israel stories, I have to tell you that reality and knowledge means nothing to some posters here. They live in the alternative universe of "God's chosen people".

It's difficult to motivate soldiers-even Israelis who have been raised on a diet of hate based propaganda-to murder unarmed civilians without a little religious nudge. The use of religion to motivate and justify violence is universal.

and this will continue as long as we let the Z i o n ! ts controlling our politics and our government.

Take a look at his advisers, and all of his top administration pics, and Wall Street, he is surrounded by Jewish people, and so is our Congress.

His hands is tied, he wouldn't dear, you can't cut off the hand that feeds you

Because Bernanke , Greenspan , Volker and the money boys are for the most part Jewish . I am not anti semitic . In fact , my best friend in High School , my room mate at the University , and the best man at my wedding were Jewish . Still , I urge everyone to read the Protocols of the Elders of Zion . Perhaps it was not of Jewish origin , but it was without doubt written by SOME group of International Bankers with designs on Global enslavement of the masses .

Pod-gers [deleted]
Here is the US, the MSM is dominated by folks of a certain re lig ion. I'll not state it in an attempt to get past the sensors. This was brought to my attention by a J ew, who runs a blog, and is main driver of J-street. There was quite a discusasion of this "problem" on his blog. That should explain the slanted, biased, warped perspectine that spews out at us.

The holocaust was a despicable thing to do, the world's silence was deafening, but was the leasson learned? NEVER again, but never again to any human being, not only to the jewish people, to everyon
But the lesson was not learned and now it is Israel perpetuating the biggest getho in Palestinia with the consent of the jewish world community.
We learned nothing from the senseless deaths, 6 million innocent lives of jews, roma, and other minorities in Europe.
How many more apologies and memorials and land and turning a blind eye to abuse to the palestienas out of guilt, let's move forward and make sure it stops and it does not happen ever again to anyone.

The Palestinian Holocaust continues...........
oh I believe some other group has a copyright on that word.

To answer you last conceal d r t y little secrets.
And yes, they love to play the Anti-S card to silence all criticism.

Hillary's boss is AlPAC.
Rachel Brownlee
Americas boss is AIPAC

Rachel Brownlee
Israel has already bought and paid for America - it might as well get a return.

Anyone who thinks Israel actually wants peace with it's neighbors is crazy. Israel won't be happy until they control the entire area. To humiliate Turkey, one of the few Moslem countries that still talks to them tells the whole story.

Zionists think it is. And it works. Gaza is looking a lot like the Warsaw Ghetto.

Israel is a domestic Jim Crow nation, and a "foreign" Aparthied occupier.

Not to a Jew. Thus Jews justify 'antisemitism' by their own actions!

“find ways to prevent the continuation of this trend”

It seems to me that Adolph [Hitler], the well known homicidal housepainter, sketched for his people’s consumption a crude caricature of Jewry. Yet now, a few short decades later, that same nation seems to be doing their absolute utmost to live down to emulating that very image. And in the process, turn the madman into a prophet.
[response: "I really like the last sentence of your post. Fanned"]

"portrayed Israeli soldiers shooting a Palestinian baby at close range". Israel usually reports these baby killings as
"crossfire" incidents, or accidental despite "closely targeting" opponents.

[Link to the Institute for Historical Review, a Holocaust denial organization. Later deleted]

Whiny ziovermin. Go rub one out to fantasies about bulldozing­in..ian children, you'll feel better.
[deleted, thank God]

No, no surprise.
But honestly..­.when both Israel and the USA admit funding programs to destabilize a country...­which is already under financial a$sault and trade sanctions.­..and now thre@ts of att@ck due to their legal (arguably) energy developmen­t...and the country is ringed by 24 major USA m!litary bases.....­.I think Iran has some small justification for fe@ring outside funded "rallies".
I'm certain, if the USA had as many thre@ts, we would be taking the same sorts of actions.
[the Joooos extending their tentacles to undermine their enemies from within, using money of course]

The US is not neutral in this conflict and should not be involved in the negotiations. The Israeli lobby controls the media and the politicians.
America should also require the death penalty for any "ally" that is convicted of espionage against America . It is well known that after Israel stole secrets from America in the 60's that they then sold those secrets to the soviets . Pollard should have been executed and the 5 happy Isralis in new jersey on 911 should have had the same, you know the ones that were dancing and high 5 ing each other when the towers fell and thet were filming it from New Jersey

Now why would any self respecting Lebanese think that a Jewish person might have some link to Mossad or favour zionism?
I mean really.
[Justifying "Jewish profiling"]

This will not change and will only get worse with Rahm Emanuel [Jewish White House Chief of Staff]running the White House.

True. Israeli Jews (not all of course) consider Palestinians and Lebanese people as sub-human. This is well known and well documented and Israeli behavior towards their neighbors is indicative of their beliefs.

Why do Israeli snipers murder women holding white flags in Gaza? Because they’re Palestinians! Correct? But the American media seems to drop stories like that quickly, with no real questions asked. Just like they’ve spent forty-some years trying to make the attack on the USS Liberty go away. Makes you wonder who’s running the show, doesn’t it?

It's high time to grasp the essential fact that there exists a jihadist ideology driven by zealous belief, not downtrodden misery, which has us in its crosshairs -- in the air, on land, and on the high seas. Rather than pretending it doesn't exist, or rationalizing it, or ascribing it to right-wing warmongering, or blaming everyone but those responsible, let's get real and focus on those who wish us harm -- not those, like Israel, who stand with us. -----------------
israel stands with us?? you mean stands in front of us with their hands sticking out wanting
hand outs that they dont have to repay. before the theft of palestine to make room for the jews it was always the white man who went around the globe colonising and raping other nations, not the arabs.
it wasnt the arabs who started wwI or ww2, it was the white man because of the non assimilating jews. how far back do you want to go? lets blame the british for giving away land they had no right to.
or lets blame Adam and Eve for starting this whole mess to begin with. your article is nothing more than a suck up to the israeli's to legitmise what they are doing to the palestinians. they learned what they learned because they have to keep an entire people down and never let them up.

fifteen pounds
As long as we continue to support the middle east's moast base violater of UN resolutions and basic human rights, not to mention invading and occupying another's lands, we will need Iran to justify our military spending. Israel is the base cause of most of the trouble in the Middle East....Iran is their sworn enemy..therefore, Israel has decided that America must destroy Iran..they are willing to let America destroy itself in the process. After all, we are not the Chosen People...we just do their bidding.

Maybe he apologized because he knows he is getting old and wants the News Media in America to carry his funeral when he passes. The only politician to have spoken the truth.
[click link for context]

And then you wonder why the world holds responsible for many of the problems in the world.

Goldman Sachs and Israel run the US Govt... that is the US Govt will NEVER do anything to upset either.
The New Israel Lobby
The Israel lobby had succeeded in ruling almost any criticism of Israel out of bounds, especially in Congress. “The bottom line,” Mearsheimer and Walt wrote, “is that Aipac, a de facto agent for a foreign government, has a stranglehold on Congress, with the result that U.S. policy is not debated there, even though that policy has important consequences for the entire world.”

Shouldn't be too long now before the IDF hangs it [the sign at the Auschwitz gate] at the border with Gaza.

I get the feeling the US is a subsidiary of Israel.

Quisqueyano The thing about Judaism is that they demand others to open their tents while they themselves throw out and then close their tent to others. If you don't believe me ask a Palestinian.

Quisqueyano The Jewish state belongs to the Palestinian people.

v eyepete
There is no doubt about the Christian heritage of the founding fathers of this nation. Those beliefs are tightly woven together with our national traditions and therefore we respect them. We can not throw them out. If your family has come here since 1776, you must respect what was here before you arrived. Adding respect for other religions traditions will never hurt us as a nation.
I wish I could feel good about anything Hebraic, but they are an exclusive religion that only grudgingly opens up to others outside their own sphere. They want rights and privileges that they themselves are unable to give to others, which is respect and tolerance. They don't see the two sides of their own coin. One should always look to how they are treating the Palestinians to observe their true nature. They do that on the American taxpayers dime, and this is what I object to.

Elie Wiesel vs Encyclopaedia Britannica
Wiesel has been one of the most prominent spokesman for the very sizeable group of people known as Holocaust survivors. [According to Norman Finkelstein of the City University of New York in his book The Holocaust Industry published in the year 2000, ‘The Israeli Prime Minister’s office recently put the number of "living Holocaust survivors" at nearly a million’ (p.83)]. Wiesel has chaired the US Holocaust Memorial Council and has been the recipient of a Congressional Gold Medal and Nobel Peace Prize...
Time Magazine, March 18 1985:
‘How had he survived two of the most notorious killing fields [Auschwitz and Buchenwald] of the century? "I will never know" he says. "I was always weak. I never ate. The slightest wind would turn me over. In Buchenwald they sent 10,000 to their deaths every day. I was always in the last hundred near the gate. They stopped. Why?"
Compare this with Encyclopaedia Britannica (1993), under ‘Buchenwald’:
"In World War II it held about 20,000 prisoners.. Although there were no gas chambers, hundreds perished monthly through disease, malnutrition, exhaustion, beatings and executions."

It's now official - there's been no actual shortage of Holocaust survivors:
'The Israeli Prime Minister's office recently put the number of "living Holocaust survivors" at nearly a million' (extract from The Holocaust Industry by Norman G. Finkelstein of the City University of New York, published by Verso, London and New York, 2000, p.83).

Statement by Richard Lynn, Professor Emeritus
University of Ulster, December 5, 2005:
"I've checked out the six volumes of Churchill's Second World War and the statement is quite correct - not a single mention of Nazi 'gas chambers,' a 'genocide' of the Jews, or of 'six million' Jewish victims of the war.
Eisenhower's Crusade in Europe is a book of 559 pages; Churchill's Second World War totals 4,448 pages; and De Gaulle's three-volume Mémoires de guerre is 2,054 pages.
In this mass of writing, which altogether totals 7,061 pages (not including the introductory parts), published from 1948 to 1959, one will find no mention either of Nazi 'gas chambers,' a 'genocide' of the Jews, or of 'six million' Jewish victims of the war."
Oh Israel, only you guys could make the US look like Shangra La.
Oh Cuthbert, usually trying to evict an entire ethnic group from their land would be considered r.acist, but when you're talking about Israel, it's a virtue.

Judeofacists never did anything for America, we need to keep our tax dollars at home rather than fund these racists. These facists don't deserve to have a higher standard of living than Americans, whose tax dollars are squandered on these thugs.
Let me guess, the huffpo censors will stop this and only allow me to post if I throw in bogus and stupid terms like islamofacist (which makes no sense), or if I use the misquote of what the figurehead president of Iran said about Israel.

The institutionalised theft of properties like this backed up by justice system which is systemically racist is one of the many reasons Israel cannot be considered a true democracy.

Zionistas NEVER wanted peace, it's all written for all to see

[response] invirginia
It is written in their actions and their holy books.

 lemonde [deleted]
Theifery [thievery] since day one
I mean right after the first copy of the talmud came out
Do you still practice what the talmud said about raping 3 year old girls ?

Looks like Israel better move forward soon or a one state solution will be a fait accompli which many of us look forward to. Israel has had many chances to do the right thing but is just too greedy.

alysheba 3 [deleted]
It [a holocaust] is beginning to happen to the Palestinians.
The Warsaw Ghetto is a great predecessor to Gaza.
futate01 [deleted]
It [another holocaust in Israel] would not happen if they were not so aggresssive and unfair in their approach. You reap what you sow.

The article [Auschwitz blueprints] reminds the masses to have sympathy for Israel and Jews. Reflecting of the Holocaust would be better served if it is not exploited for political gain. It's a new milenia, for god's sake.

[On a thread about a Holocaust memorial.] WOW! Like clockwork.­..everytim­e public opinion starts going against them, they ramp up the Holocaust!

If you are watching and listening, it happens everytime opinion goes against them. Just wait...another movie will be out soon, another Spielberg production, no doubt!

CigarGod [deleted]
Why not number them[Palestinian prisoners]...lik­e on their forearms?

**Psst!!** Not that I agree with them, but perhaps you wouldn't have so many deniers if you didn't act like you were the only large group of people put to de/ath in a horrible manner within the last century. Because a million Jews are different than a million Armenians or Chinese or Cambodians, or Russians, or Iraqis? I think not. Just a different point of view is all. Get mad if you want, I care not.

One has to understand Judaism in order to understand Israel. Judaism believes they are the Chosen People, so they have to defeat everyone else: Muslims, Christians, Hindus, Atheists, etc. That is why there are so many wars between everyone else. Israel wants to defeat everyone else by making everyone else against each other. [deleted]

"Stop playing the holocaust card, last time I checked it were the Israeli's who were doing the ethnic cleansing."

"Do you think these facts are unrelated to an ongoing occupation from a foreign military which has been settling their land steadily and has divided their territory into tiny bantustans, while imprisoning anyone who shows any sign of fighting back? Nah. That is totally unrelated. It is all due to the inferiority of the Palestinian people. They don't recognize the master class of Israelis - that's their problem. If only they could learn civilization from their betters. Oh, did I mention that God likes Israel better? It says so in the Torah."

"Can never happen as long as U.S. has veto power in the U.N. and Israel owns the U.S Congress.
Time for Europe and America to give up their guilt trip over the Holocaust and recognize that Israel has become the very kind of oppressors they once fought against."

"They do want they want.........hunt, kill, shoot first, think, never.....­..........­karma, it's all stacking up."

"Israel will remain on its present course of territorial expansion and will never allow return of the West Bank. Not going to happen. I wish Israelis well generally, but Israel is a psychopathic state."

"AIPAC's and Pro-Zionist strongholds on US foreign policy and media are showing signs of weakening (see recent libel spread about NIAC and J Street by AIPAC associates). Their propaganda efforts aren't nearly as effective as they used to be either."

[deleted] "Nazis of the middle east"

"What would Jesus Christ say about AIPAC?
What ever happened to Jesus Christ anyway?
Oh yea.
He was selectively crucified." [I don't really understand this post, but it's in a thread about the Goldstone Report in Congress. M: The word "selectively" seems to indicate Jesus was killed for a reason, and since it's a thread about Israel, my interpretation is that he's reminding us who killed Jesus (i.e., the Jews). Maybe I'm being over sensitive, but I don't think so]

"nuclear rabbis are more dangerous to the stability of the world than the ayatullas who have none of such weapons."

"The Wikipedia reference [about the anti-Semitic myth of the "Zionist Occupied Government"]was irrelevant to the point of being ridiculous.
It is fact that AIPAC controls our Senate, House, & Oval Office.
Just look at Obama groveling at the feet of his Zionist masters."

[deleted] "There would always be a large element in the European population whose worldview was founded on Jew hatred."
And so now that these European Jews have a "state" of their own, they are able to commit genocide on the Palestinians - the very people that had NOTHING to do with European Jewish extermination? The nerve......."
[In a thread that had to do with Jewish emancipation, and not with Israel.]

"Israel has no chance of survival WITH american support . Like the bully whose big brother stands behind him Israel will never moderate its behaviour as long as it has carte blanche. There was peace in the world while Russia and America had MAD (mutually assured destruction) because that made both partys deal , it would be a good thing if a couple of countrys had nukes in the Mideast to counter Israel . I srael will not and did not sign the NPP , does not allow their nukes to be inspected. So why should anyone demand this from Iran . Israel's behavour has cost it many friends . Even in America , if aid to Israel needed to be voted on in an ellection , they would be on their own and if the people had any say in foreign policy the inevitable veto every time israel gets in trouble would be a thing of the past , we have our own problems . We could afford Universal healthcare for all americans on the aid we sent to israel over the last 60 years.( this will never be posted because only jews get to moderate posts on israel)"

"You certainly can't say the Sweeds are running Congress."

"AIPAC drafted resolution. AIPAC approved Congress. Guess who controls Capitol Hill, the White House and Wall Street? It ain't the Irish."

"Israel flies military aircraft into Lebanon every day, not just into Hezbollah or Shiite areas, but ALL over the country - over Beirut, over Tripoli, everywhere. This has been going on for years. So don't bother with the Hezbollah-­is-the-agg­ressor propaganda. Lebanon is the only country I know of in the Middle East that has it's sovereignty violated on a daily basis - and Israel is the clear violator here. So next time Hezbollah or any group in Lebanon shoots off rockets into Israel, don't go crying about it.
"Speaking of which, why isn't Israel on our list of terrorist states? Oh yeah, because they bought our Congress

CigarGod permalink
"Shed your persecution complex and you might gain a little credibility.
btw, Where is the mysterious arms ship Israel captured and says is full of "civilian specific" arms for Hizbollah? You know, the box and crates that the ships crew says were not opened and inspected on the there would be witnesses to what if anything was actually in the boxes?
The Israeli propaganda Factory has gone strangely silent.....for supposedly catching the "enemy" red-handed."

"Jews make up 3% of the population in america, why do they get so much air time compared to other minorities? So many of the politicians pander for their vote, or is it for their money to help them get elected."

"WBMD [a pro-Israel poster] believes all defeated peoples must be Destroyed presumably.
But how? gas chamber or machine gun?
Enlighten us, oh wise one."

you would be amazed at the stuff Invented by the third reich. I guess inventing things makes war crimes and human rights violations okay.

"If you believe anything the Israelis say, I'm sure you'd be interested in this lovely piece of beachside property I have in Nebraska."





"You trust a Zionist like Ben Gurion to tell the truth?"

"Be careful if you accuse them of Racism, or say they are mistreating innocent people they might call you an Anti-Semite. How many tax dollars do I pay to Empower these racists?
Racism is not ok in America, but its perfectly fine for Americans to support racism overseas, in the form of tax dollars of course... supported by your local senator."

"Stop electing Schumers, Nadlers, Boxers, etc. These people act like dual citzens."

"Add Lieberman, Harman, Feinstein ["pick the warlords we can work with"], etc. etc. etc. Has anyone made a comprehensive list?"

"Wrong! Netanyahooo to Abbas. Netanyahooo is just carring on Sharons (the bulldozers) policies. The Israeli crimes against Palistinians has gone back decades. Only money matters to the Israelis, that and land, so we have to cut off those subsities(billions) we give them before they will seriosly broker a deal."

01 dem_01
"There are not many places on this planet were the 'chosen people' CAN NOT run:
- banks
- media
- pro.stitu.tion
- government
and one of them is IRAN"

"Remember this and the Goldstone report next Holocaust memorial day.
"Never again, unless you're not jewish" seems to be the slogan for the Judeofacists and zionists running Israel.
Just disgusting."

"If Martin Luther King were alive today he would be Israel's biggest critic. His untimely death precluded him from witnessing the wold's worst tragedy which is the Palestinian situation."

"ISRAELS main talent is spending other peoples money.....­..namely..­.........a­merican tax payers money.........if they are so damned money-smart why are they leeching off america.....OBAMA is like the stern parent who says to more..i'm cutting your allowance.."


"What do you expect from a racist state that sucks more 6 billion dollars annually from us."
 Posted 12:37 PM on 07/23/2009
"Your first sentence is a joke. Israelis don't have to run around the world they can order it to happen through the US pentagon."

[deleted] "Get ready for Israeli propaganda spewed out by their American compatriiots who own the media. And AIPAC will draft and send around a letter on the Hill for our elected representatives to sign and send to Obama, who probably knows that there's not a chance for him in the next election if he crosses Netanyahu. The AJC is ready to jump up and down in all of our ears. But if we stand firm and indicate to the AJC that enough is enough and that we are ready to have a national boycott against all Jewish owned businesses, we can win. It's not a hate crime to hate what the AJC has done to our country on behalf of Israel."

"Bet you wish there was a different "Israel" story. You have been stuck on this thread trying to push your agenda for days. Gutless wimp."

"In the occupied territories, settlement creation is an act of naked aggression.
For all the Israel screams about Hamas or Hezbollah using human shields, their own policy of moving civillians into a war zone to cement Israeli control is identical in all significant respects.
So, if Israel wants to see an end, or even a pause in rocketfire, they will have to commit to a freeze.
After all, on a number of occasions the Palestinians have made, and kept, ceasefires of varying durations, but at no time has Israel ever stopped creating settlements."

"Yes, they are certainly morally bankrupt enough to do so [shoot a nuke in response to rockets]. Then they would blame the Palestinians for getting themselves bombed."

[deleted] "The most holy place is the Rothschild's banks..."
    Reply    Favorite   Flagged Posted 06:46 PM on 10/25/2009

"You know they enjoy the bickering. If they weren't doing that they wouldn't know what to do with themselves. Word on the street is that the Israelis want to rebuild the third temple so they can hold animal sacrifices. o.0 Cheers"

"Has it occured to you that those who do oppose such "love a foreign country more than your own" lobbies are those who KNOW that the Zionist state is racist, aggressive, violates all international laws, and has never been, never will be interested in "peace". So, don't waste your breath."

"The pro Israel's should be ashamed of them self by supporting this anti Palestinian attitude on any thing they do to make a living for them self under this circumstances. get a life be human for a change ."

"Your comment lacks historical context.
It assumes Jews were not active politically in Germany and elsewhere for many decades....but just went to the camps calmly.
No more justiiable than targeting for someone's ethnicity or religion, the German's targeted Jew's to a large part due to their heavy involvement in the communist party....which very actively opposed the new and trendy ideology...which would ultimately lead to the holocaust."

"Because they [Israel] have become used to getting away with playing the "poor little us" card, which is actually a Race Card. If you don't like them playing the Poor Little Us card, you are anti-Semitic. That's supposed to keep you from complaining about them."

"Yet, again, Israel is caught spying on the US....either they have the poorest record of spying on America or they are just inept....either way, they are proving that they hate this place just as much as they do Iran, Gaza, etc....They are among the richest people in the world and we accept their spying while paying them billions.....AND OUR POLITICIANS DO NOTHING BUT TAKE MORE MONEY FROM AIPAC!!!!"

"So, the FBI poses as Mossad....­.apparentl­ly they also are bigots and anti semites...anyone who dares to oppose Israel is branded...well, too damn bad...there is no Israel, there is only Occupied Palestine, and the mythical state of Israel will eventually collapse or be forced to accommodate the rightful owners...Israel is caught so many times spying on this country, our own police can catch many by imitating Mossad....what a laugh..."

Mahmoud B
"That cannot happen as long as you do not acknowledge the histrorical injustice; basically that the creation of Israel itselfis an injustice"

"Of course, he will get away clean becauses any criticism of Israel is considered ''antisemitic''.
 the perfect scam conjured up by the perfect scammers."

AlexTrebaked [This user was later banned]
[deleted] "It's Israel that is a terrorist, racist, elitist rogue state
Time to pull the plug on Zionism, and to expose false Ashkenazi "Jews" as being the true anti-semites and Nazis. Germany may have lost the war, but clearly Nazism (Zionism) has not been eliminated yet."

"In 1947 99% of the World saw the Jews as victims and supported them completely, In 2009 99% of the World see them as the root cause of the middle east wars and reject them completely, why can't they ever learn."

""Anti-semitism was created." Exactly.
And if it is meaningless to call Arabs Semites, then it is equally meaningless to call the Jews Semites.
Abrham was the father of both Arabs and Jews and to exclude one in favour of the other is plain bias."

[not necessarily directed at Jews but definitely at Israel supporters] "They are not about to give up one of their most closely held myths.
It justify's the need to have something they can pour all their stored up h@te and bigotry into.
They cultivate it like a little garden.
Besides, enough of their favorite politicians and media say the same it's "official" and they have permission."

S1m0n [On a thread about Hamas refusing to teach the Holocaust]
"Palestinian kids don't need to be taught it; they're living it. There's a really good reason why IDF officers planning the Israeli 2002 attack on the Jenin Refugee camp closely studied the tactics used in the Waffen SS assault on the Warsaw Ghetto, and that's because the conditions were so similar. Apart from the actual death camps*, which Israel has never come close to replicating, life in the Israeli-occupied west bank and nazi-occupied Warsaw are very similar.
"Palestinians don't have to wear yellow stars, but they do have to have distinctive license plates on their cars, and to stay off the 'Israelis only' roads and highways.
"Yes, it's rude to refuse to teach the Holocaust to Palestinian children, but considering the conditions they're living under, Israel's demand that they do so adds insult to the injury of living under occupation. Even for the nation that invented chutzpah."

"Israel killed all the Palestinain children, or at least are on their way."

arvay [This user was later banned]
"And Israeli "trickiness" is not "racist" it's based on the nation's proven capacity for deception, lying and misrepresentation of facts. Its very foundation is based on lies."
"If there was ever a time for AIPAC to register as an agent of a foreign government, now is the time.
For far too long there has been an illegal Israeli occupation of the US Senate, House & Oval Office.
It's disgusting that that corrupt little country can dictate Middle Eastern policy to the US.
President Obama, you are the most powerful man on the planet. Stand up to Bibi. Start pressuring him"

"@TheLonelyGod: No one is finding an excuse to hate the Jews. We are only seeing reasons as to why they bring their own troubles upon themselves."

"What a coward! Hiding like a sissy, can’t stand for his actions. I thought you guys had high moral grounds….. the chosen people, what a disgrace you are."
"Although you may not care what I think about Israel heinous behavior,
the world community does. More & more momentum is building against that Nazi regime."

"....Correct and this damned evil little state of israel wants our sons and daughters to fight and die for them while they party and watch the show...How many jewish sons and daughters are in the American Armed Forces fighting in the middle east for israeli
comfort and convenience?????
........NO­NE......sp­ells 0....Zero.­....NONE!!­!!"

"American dual citizens (American/­israeli)..­.from their gated communities Nationwide...should be the first to be DRAFTED...weak specimens that they are. They talke a good game, but let's see them walk the walk...w/out minorities and the poor who currently fight American wars.
"These predatory bankers, lawyers, insurance and ad agency execs would lose the first battle. All they can do is game the Ponzi schemes on Wall Street and day trade.
This is NOT who America was two generations ago. We need to return to OUR VALUES and priorities."

"I wouldn't trust an Israel...Israeli far as you would throw a stone. The President knows this. They are duplicitous to the extreme..."

"and isreal is an anti what everybody but them seem as if no one matter but the jews whatever they say goes .When the jews say something every one else jump."

Taxi [This user was later banned]
[deleted] [article about Hosny blaming the Jews] "The united nations, unesco, our congress, our senate - all these places are littered with the names of people who've opposed izzie racism and ended up getting the 'special treatment' by zio-thugs in suits."


[deleted] "The "master race" will never willingly pollute its sacred blood!"

"bravo arvay"
"Hear, hear. Sad, sad.")
[deleted] "Then read The Protocols of the Elders of Zion. You'll never think of Israel (or the Rotary Club) the same way ever again."

arabanne [This user was later banned]
"it;s jew domination, let's keep it honest"

"jews drink the blood of muslim and christian children"

"You guys should read "the elders of zion" and mein kemp to really understand our enemy!
praise allah"

most joos are evil!

"the end of israel will bring peace on earth. can't wait. i hope it happens in my lifetime. it will be worth every life given for it."

"Personally, I and many like me support Hamas and Hizbollah in their struggle for freedom from Zionism. So naturally I endorse Klein, who undoubtedly has to endure rabid reactions form a nation one mad with the power to put its foot on someone else' neck."

[deleted] Want to see how much we pay these judeofacists with our childrens' money?
Why would we risk American lives and trillions more dollars we dont' have on Israel's security?
Our interests are different than Israels." 
"Thank you for posting.
One would think this largesse would inciete GRATITUDE rather than ENTITLEMENT. Nope.
Of all the things lacking in Israelis is GRACE and CLASS.

solution100 [This user was later banned.]
"you know you are not telling the truth. hey man we all know what you people stand for. getting all the aid from the US and killing arabs kids. The world has awaken and we are not going to buy your false zzzzi o n st propaganda. stay out."

"who cares about the Palestinians, jews are the chossen ppl. they can do what ever they want."

[addressed to a self-proclaimed Israeli]
[deleted] "just go back to europe.

Enough thuggery and thievery."

[deleted]"Its known as Jewish superiority, just like their German Nazi teachers. Repeat the Bull##t often enough especially to the mental midgits in the U.S. and it will become fact."

"Israel is always right in their actions. Why wouldn't they be since they (Jews) control the media. Anyone foolish enough to disagree with them would be blackballed."

"if he dies by 12/31/2009 i will send some money to my local jewish temple. I heard they like money. Ok i will buy $0.99 postcard. Or is that too cheap. Can I use the words cheap and jew in the same context, eheheheh. anyhow I hope he [Shimon Peressleeps and never wakes up." [I emailed this link to the moderators, and it let to his banning. I count that as a win.]

"Jews running the media? Where do you get these insane ideas?
Fox News President Peter Chernin
Paramount Pictures Chairman Brad Grey
Walt Disney CEO Robert Iger
Sony Pictures Chairman Michael Lynton
Warner Brothers Chairman Barry Meyer
CBS CEO Leslie Moonves
MGM Chairman Harry Sloan
NBC/Universal Studios CEO Jeff Zucker"

[deleted] "Why do they call it the Israeli Defense Force? Israeli Massacre Force would be more like it."

[on Netanyahu speaking to the UNGA]
"And will there be massive protests during his speech? No, but the Nuremberg Option still has appeal."

"since Z I O N I S T S are so powerfull, and they own Media, Banks, and very very powerful positions they will never let go of West Bank. Their purpose is to make Iz Real control mid east and they are succeeding so far. we need some kind of a solution."
"It will never end -- the conflict that is. Not in our lifetimes.
In the end, Zionism will get all they wanted from the start. Just read Dyan's papers. It is all laid out.
All this stuff is a charade. And the US continues to play the game at our peril.
Do not forget that Israel is part of the USA. Like an arm and a leg. Duel citizens in both armies, both governments. Accept it."

"[deleted] Israel is treating the Palestinians no differently than the Nazis treated them! The only thing that the Israeli government has not done is put the Palestinians in concentration camps!"

"No, far more likely that Israel would detonate a nuclear device in a US city and then work their usual black magic to paint another party -- another false-flag attack."

[deleted] "writerjohnny,
yours is an optimistic perspective because it overlooks the fact that American jews do control the money, the media, and information and as such their role in U.S. foreign policy particularly in the Middle East is absolutely out of proportion to their numbers (2%) in the population."
"You're not Israeli, but you definitely a Jewish Zionist. I am a great judge of morality and the ad-hominem in really unnecessary when you can't answer a simple question about morality. But it's typical of your type."

"I'm Jewish...and have been all my life ;-) and it is a complete embarressment for many Jews, when Zionists constantly scream "anti-semitism", any time anyone, (including this so called self-hating Jew), voices any criticism of any Israeli or Jewish policy that is others AND Israel.
It does not serve Jews or Israel for so many to be seen wearing their victimhood like a habit.
It is about time to stop trying to blunt inconvenient subjects and conversation with this bully tactic...and instead deal with it like every other rational person does."

"Israelis are masters at the old propaganda spin. They work hard to cover up their war crimes with good propaganda. Hopefully, everybody is waking up to the con."

"We must also realize that while firing the rockets was both ineffectual and wrong, much of it ws retaliation for Israel assassinations and attacks on Palestinian civilians. Whenever Hamas would honor a cease fire Israel would provoke some group in Gaza by attacking the Gazans during the ceasefire. The Israeli government used their own citizens as cannon fodder for their own nefarious puposes."

"Like an Israeli supporter would know what is democratic. Israel isn't.The public did not elect Abbas or Fatah, and I can guarantee the Hamas Members of Parliament did not vote for Abbas to head the government. The people who voted for Abbas to lead the Palestinians were the US and Israel. No democracy in action there."

Citizens of Israel, or Jewish citizens of the US and other western world countries, control directly or indirectly, most of the banks and money institutions which support the US. The US media, and its powerful movie industry, as well as the very strong Israeli lobby in Washington, are also controlled and heavily influenced by Israel and its dual citizenship policy. Most politicians in Washington know that if they vote anything against the interest of Israel, these powerful forces will wreck their careers. So, until we are brave enough to sack everyone in Washington, we will be saddled with this conundrum.


  1. Being offended by reminders of how the Jews killed Jesus is not being oversensitive: the Jews didn't kill Jesus. The Romans had taken away their authority to issue death sentences, and so Jesus' death sentence was given by Pontius Pilate. Accusing Jews of killing Jesus is like accusing redheads of killing him, because Judas happened to be a ginger.

    I couldn't make this shit up if I tried to be as nasty and racist as I could.

  2. I wish someone would do something like this for the comment threads on the CBC. The comments that get through there are more or less the same.

    They problem is, it's one thing to call them out on these things and identify these comments, but how do you get the media sources to actually block hate speech and further, how do we change hateful attitudes. Blocking a comment does not change the attitude behind it.

  3. Wow. Good work cataloging deleted comments on an open website. Then criticizing the admins of it of being lazy.

    Cant get a job huh?

  4. @Anonymous,
    A good portion of these comments have not been deleted. And even when they eventually were, the vast majority of Israel threads are fully moderated, which means each post is viewed by someone at the Huffington Post before it is posted online. Therefore, that someone or someones allowed all of these posts to go through intentionally. That is something worthy of criticism.

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  6. Sorry Anonymous, but we don't abide trolls around here. Constructive criticism is welcome and difference of opinion is fine, but we draw the line at personal attacks and "yelling" in all caps.

  7. I've often noticed that, on moderated threads, comments I've made condemning unwarranted attacks on Israel (And not all attacks are unwarranted: No nation is perfect!) take HOURS to get on... If ever they do, while responses to those comments - ocassionaly, though rarely, blantantly anti-Semitic - appear within moments

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  9. Jan 15th Anonymous:

    This may be a pro-Israel blog, but anti-Arab hate speech is no more welcome here than anti-Semitism. Therefore, your comment was removed.

  10. The huffpost along with other far left sites are filthy cesspools. Jews who still identify with the political left need to have their heads examined.

    It must really make the anti-Semites seethe if they see how a tiny nation like Israel from the other side of the world is doing the most disproportionately to aid Haiti. Israel is both morally and technically superior to its enemies.

  11. This is one hell of a pathetic site. This is like the KKK of the jews. this whole site is an abomination, straight from the debths of hell where you belong!

  12. I agree with anonymous above that this is a pathetic site, but not that it is a kkk of the jews, far from it. But because it is a very immature site.
    It doesn't deal with the cause of anti-semitism at all, which is a common zionist failing.

  13. Anonymous, I would refer you to these two posts