Thursday, October 22, 2009

More On that International Law Article...

The Huffington Posters continue to have a field day of anti-Israel hatred in response to this latest article in which Israel supposedly is lobbying to have international laws changed

The only trouble is that: There are no other articles about this except the Al Jazeera one. Not Ha'aretz. Not Jerusalem Post. Not YNetNews. Not the local Wall Street Journal that got delivered this morning. Even a Google Search reveals nothing except the Al Jazeera article and other websites linking back to it.

I am willing to accept that Al Jazz got the scoop over everyone else, but this is a whole day later. One would think that the rest of the news world would have picked up on this, as it's certainly newsworthy. But then again, maybe things are not all that they seem...

UPDATE: It looks like other newspapers have articles about this, but further analysis reveals that this is something Netanyahu wants to do and is moving towards it. In other words, nothing has happened yet, and it's a possibility nothing will happen.

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