Tuesday, October 27, 2009

List of Huffington Post Watch articles

 This is the master list of all the Huffington Post Watch articles, tracking anti-Israel sentiment and anti-Semitism on the Huffington Post. This page is no longer being updated, if you want to see the more recent pages click here.

HPW: Where Are the Moderate Jewish Voices?

HPW: Obama Asks Congress to Support Iron Dome

HPW: Boteach on J-Street and Wiesel

HPW: Rosenberg on Goldstone

HPW: Israel Ready For Deal on Palestinian State

HPW: David Harris on Mearsheimer

HPW: European Jews Sign Petition Criticizing Israel

HPW: Clinton Peace Talks/"Obama's Shack" Demolished

HPW: Hamas' Gilad Shalit Cartoon

We Scoop David Harris On McCarthyism

HPW: White House Pushes Back Against Schumer

HPW: Steve Clemons on Chuck Schumers Comments

HPW: MJ Rosenberg's Elie Wiesel Article

HPW: Netanyahu Refuses to Freeze EJ Settlement Building

HPW: Netanyahu Urges Sanctions Against Iran

HPW: Israeli Defense Minister: Occupation Must End

HPW: The "Deportations" Threads

HPW: Israel Angered At British Ad Ban 

HPW: British Bishop Convicted For Denying Holocaust

HPW: MJ Rosenbergs' "Times" Article

HPW Special Report: Lieberman on Nuclear Weapons

HPW: Jordan's King Says War "Imminent"

HPW: Desmond Tutu's "Divesting From Injustice"

HPW: Ed Koch's "A Dangerous Silence"

HPW: Anti-Semitism In Europe Hit New Highs In 2009

HPW: Yermi Brenner On African Refugees

HPW: Yom Ha'Shoah and What It Means For Human Rights

HPW: Netanyahu Cancels Trip to Washington, DC

HPW: Time For America to Befriend Israel

HPW: Israel Warns Palestine Not to Declare Statehood

HPW: Rabbi Boteach's "Silence of American Jewry"

HPW: Open Letter to Bekeley BDS

HPW: Israeli Warplanes Reported Bombard Gaza Strip

HPW: Netanyahu Humiliated After US Trip Goes Awry 

HPW: Koch on Obama

HPW: White House Passover Seder

HPW: Rabbi Boteach's Obama's Hospitality

HPW: Netanyahu: Obama Not A "Great Disaster"

HPW: Gaza Violence Leaves 2 Israeli Soldiers Dead

 HPW: Jerusalem Approves 20 New Apartments

HPW: UK Expels Israeli Diplomat Over Dubai Murder Case

HPW: Clinton: Israel Faces "Difficult" Choices

HPW: Settlement Construction Will Continue in East Jerusalem

HPW: Middle East Quartet Calls for Mideast Peace

HPW: Poll Shows Majority of Israelis Support Obama

HPW: Gaza Rocket Kills Farm Worker In Israel

HPW: US Envoy Puts MidEast Trip On Hold

HPW: AIPAC Lashes Out At Obama Administration

HPW: Holocaust Memorials Defaced


HPW: Israel Apology Thread #1

HPW: Israeli Supermarket Ad Sparks HP Racism

HPW: Biden Says Palestinians Deserve "Viable" State

HPW: Biden Condemn's Israel's Settlements

 HPW: Brazil Rejects Iran Sanctions

HPW: Israel Complains Over Spanish Postcards

HPW: Israel Makes Videos Mocking Foreign Journalists

HPW: Alan Dershowitz's "Forged Passports OMG!"

HPW: Dubai Bans Israelis From Visiting, Even Those With Alternative Passports

HPW: Dubai Releases Footage of New Suspects

HPW: Hassan Yousef, Son of Hamas Founder, Was Top Israeli Agent

HPW: Tzipi Livni Praises Hamas Commander Killing 

HPW: Mr. Rosenberg's "Genocide" Story

HPW: Anti-Semitic Hate Crimes in Malmo

HuffPoWatch: Israel Unveils Drone Fleet That Can Reach Iran

HPW: Slaying Nearly "100 Percent" Mossad

HPW: Bradley Burston's "Pro-Mideast"

HPW: Alan Dershowitz "Lawyers" Anti-Zionists on MAM

HuffPoWatch: MAM Killing: Israeli Officials Convinced Mossad Is Behind Hit

HuffPoWatch: William Delahunt Says Israel Snubbed Him

HuffPoWatch: Dubai Releases Video of Assassins

HuffPoWatch: Jenny Tonge Fired For Anti-Israel Comments

HuffPoWatch: Israeli Soldier Stabbed To Death

HuffPoWatch: Israel Becoming Unhinged?

HuffPoWatch: Israel Open to Peace Talks With Syria

 HuffPoWatch: Heather Robinsons' "40 Million Dollars"

HuffPoWatch: Senate Passes AIPAC's Iran Sanctions Bill In Five Minutes

HuffPoWatch: Rewriting the Laws of War

HuffPoWatch: Jon Stewart On Hamas Cartoons

HuffPoWatch: Barak: Peace With Palestinians Or Apartheid

HuffPoWatch: Italian PM Berlusconi: "Greatest Desire" To See Israel In EU

HuffPoWatch: Israel Disciplines Top Officers

HuffPoWatch: Members of Congress Urge Obama to End Gaza Siege

HuffPoWatch: Hamas: Israel Assassinated Operative in Dubai

HuffPoWatch: Israel Cracks Down on Wall Protesters

HuffPoWatch: Obama Asked Why US Doesn't Criticize Israeli HR Abuses

HuffPoWatch: Ayatollah Ali Khamenei Predicts Israel's Destruction

HuffPoWatch: Michael Oren: The Importance of Fighting Anti-Semitism

HuffPoWatch: Israel: Turkish Prime Minister "Fueling" Anti-Semitism

HuffPoWatch: Alan Dershowitzs' "For Bigots"

HuffPoWatch: Israeli Report Says Anti-Semitism Peaked in 2009

Shahar Peer, Tennis Star, Target of Anti-Israel Protests

Israel Saves Lives in Haiti, Huffington Posters Upset

HuffPoWatch: Frank Gehry/Jewish Chronicle 

HuffPoWatch: Catholic Bishops Criticize Israel on Palestinians

HuffPoWatch: Israel Publicly Snubs Turkish Ambassador

HuffPoWatch: It's Not About Israel

HuffPoWatch: Israeli Officers Cancel UK Trip for Fear of War Crimes Arrest

HuffPoWatch: Emanuel: US Fed Up with Israel and Palestinians

HuffPoWatch: Iranian Soccer Federation Wishes Israel a Happy New Year

HuffPoWatch: The Gaza Freedom March Threads

HuffPoWatch: Marchers to Gaza Gather In Cairo, Egypt Says Few Can Cross Border

HuffPoWatch: Palestinians Mark One-Year Anniversary of Gaza War with Protests

HuffPoWatch: Israel Builds 700 New Apartments in East Jerusalem

HuffPoWatch: Israel Admits to Harvesting Organs Without Permission

HuffPoWatch: PIcture of Murdered Jew Appears on Dating Site

HuffPoWatch: Rahm Emanuel Lights National Menorah

HuffPoWatch: Obama at Oslo, Israel Exempt from International Standards

HuffPoWatch: Three for One

HuffPoWatch: Palestinians Fake Cancer to Flee Blockaded Gaza

HuffPoWatch: Imri Olmert Punches Reporter, Knocks Him Unconscious

HuffPoWatch: Jewish Nationalists Clash With Palestinians in East Jerusalem

HuffPoWatch: EU Drafts Document on Division of Jerusalem

HuffPoWatch: Tony Blair Defends Obama on I/P Conflict

HuffPoWatch: Israel Readying New Cutting-Age Weaponry

HuffPoWatch: Holocaust Denial on the HP

HuffPoWatch: Israel Angers US With West Bank Construction

HuffPoWatch: Israeli Troops Kill Palestinian Along Gaza Border

HuffPoWatch: Abbas Resists US Pressure to Resume Peace Talks

HuffPoWatch: Lloyd Greif: Israel Stands Alone

HuffPoWatch: Argument by Repetition

HuffPoWatch: Boycott Israel? Norwegian University Must Decide

HuffPoWatch: Another Divisive Wall

HuffPoWatch: Tom Friedman: Time for a Radical New Approach

HuffPoWatch: Hezbollah Denies Responsibility for Arms Ship Seized by Israel

HuffPoWatch: Saudi Arabia Bombs Yemen Rebels

HuffPoWatch: Jewish Settlers Force Way into East Jerusalem Home, Evict Arab Family

HuffPoWatch: Hamas Missiles Can Strike Tel Aviv

HuffPoWatch: Dems in House to Pass Resolution Defending Gaza War

HuffPoWatch: Clinton Makes Personal Bid to Renew Mideast Talks

HuffPoWatch: Hamas Bans Elections in Gaza Strip

HuffPoWatch: Israeli Police Raid Temple Mount

HuffPoWatch: Scientist Arrested on Spy Charges

HuffPoWatch Begins: Defining Anti-Semitism


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