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HuffPoWatch User Profile: Montgriz

UPDATE: This user has now been banned and his profile has been removed.

The user "Montgriz" recently came to our attention in the "Israeli Police Raid Temple Mount" thread, but after doing some research into his past posts we have found that he is a classic anti-Semite and his posts have reflected this. The fact that this user has remained on the HP posting his hate (despite a few posts deleted) boggles our minds. Montgriz has been on the HP since January 2009 and has 32 fans at the time of this blog post.

Let's start with his distortions of Israel and Israel's activities, with emphasis on the classic "Israel is a colony":

Post 1:"Say it often enough and it might begin sounding true. However, Israel is not a state but a colony established by Europeans and Americans to asuage their guilt and to rid themselves of those they felt were somewhat undesirable. Well, as over six decades of violence has proven, it was a grievous blunder. Zionism is a disaster for Israel (Palestine), Jews, and everyone else in this world. Israel is an ivading people and now an occupier, who has control only because of American and Eurpean military and financial support. Their propaganda team has touched every American alive and began years ago. We mindlessly support these war mongering religious whackos and their allies at our own loss. Yet, because a book originating in the Bronze Age has been given power over reason, we will have perpetual war. Israel, to truly exist in a world of nations, should reject their theocracy and allow Palestinians, Druze, etc...all who live in Greater Palestine, a vote in a multi cultured nation. It is the only way...."

Post 2: "Sad to say, you are correct. Just how is peace being promoted by murdert and destruction? It would take far more courage any American politician has to deny aid to Israel and force them to rethink their policies of settlement, and now, apartheid. The world united against South Africa...with the notable exception of Israel, yet the Israelis do far, far worse than the Boers did.....shame on America, shame of fundamentalist Christians, shame on Israel.... "

Post 3: "Israel could be considered, not a state, but a colony...or garrison. But, no matter the semantics, Israel is an invading and occupying power, sustained by America and European interests. "

Post 4: "
Why? Israel has a record of attacking anyone they want, including the US....As far as I know, Iran has never threatened to destroy America, nor have the been caught spying on America as often as israel.....Israel is a nation of fanatics who possess at least 200 nukes according to our intelligen­ce....fana­tics are a danger to us all... "

He also is a big advocate of the quintessential anti-Semitic argument that Jews (Israelis) control America.

Post 5: "AIPAC rules America, whether we like to admit or not...."

Post 6:"America needs an enemy....without one, how could we justify the military budget? How would Israel extort money from our politicians?"

Post 7: "
Name one American politician who isn't....AIPAC is the real power behind the throne in this country."

Post 8: "AIPAC controls our foreign policy.....and there is not one damn thing we can do about it..."

Post 9: "If there is any doubt who really controls American foreign policy, and much of the domestic policy as well, it should be erased. Israel, through AIPAC, has bought nearly ever single senator and a great many of our congresspeople, not to mention social outlets, newspapers, tv, movies, etc...and they do this with our own tax dollars sent to them by our politicians who reeive money back in perfect circle of enrichment...Israel controls America....and that is that...we should just accept that, and move on.."

Post 9A: "Yet, again, Israel is caught spying on the US....either they have the poorest record of spying on America or they are just inept....either way, they are proving that they hate this place just as much as they do Iran, Gaza, etc....They are among the richest people in the world and we accept their spying while paying them billions.....AND OUR POLITICIANS DO NOTHING BUT TAKE MORE MONEY FROM AIPAC!!!!"

And then some denial of Israel's existence/attacks on Israel's right to exist. Notice contained within them is some accusations toward the Jews of exploiting the Holocaust, a classic anti-Semitic trope if there ever was one:

Post 10: "Zionism is racism....pure and simple....opposing Israel is not anti did not do well in school, did you.." [this post is followed up by a personal attack]

Post 11: [in a Holocaust denial thread, that has nothing to do with Israel] "In America there will be no remorse for murderted Muslims...our media sees to that. In fact, right now there are at least 2 movies praising Israelis in release....The Holocaust is big business and not to be messed with.....without it, Israel would have been condemned by their own rulings....there would be Nuremberg style trials...Israel would be forced, just like South Africa to reject genocide and apartheid....but it wont' happen....for a while anyway....Israel is a huge mistake but one which most of the world will pay for for years..."

Post 12: "Israelis have redefined informjed opinion as hateful is old....not going to work anymore...they haver turned the Holocaust into a money making enterprise and lost world support along the way....Israel is more a threat to the world than far. "

This post was deleted, so I don't have the link, but we wrote it down before it was deleted:
"Zionisism is just a new word for racism and religious hegemony. It is no better than the German version of land acquisition and race purity. It believes the ancient state of David's lands is their birthright and that all lands from the sea to the Jordan, and even beyond belong to the "chosen" makes no mention of that land belonging to another...after all, they are is a fact that prior to WW1, Herzl, the main voice, would have established the new Israel somewhere in South America....alas...instead, the Rothschilds insisted on the Balfour Declaration, and now we have the greatest mistake in the 20th century....."

Post 13: "The only fact about Israel that is true: THERE IS NO ISRAEL, there is only OCCUPIED PALESTINE! " [This post has been repeated numerous times]

Post 14: "You have it wrong, but that is not unusual. for Hamas and the other bogeymen created by Israeli hawks and zionists, they have as much right to defend their country as they see it in any way they can...just because the zionists have US money and support to use high teck weapons on basically 19th century armed civilians, does not mean they are not terrorists... "

Post 15: "So, the FBI poses as Mossad....­.apparentl­ly they also are bigots and anti semites...anyone who dares to oppose Israel is branded...well, too damn bad...there is no Israel, there is only Occupied Palestine, and the mythical state of Israel will eventually collapse or be forced to accommodate the rightful owners...Israel is caught so many times spying on this country, our own police can catch many by imitating Mossad....what a laugh... "

And, to top it all off, some good old-fashioned anti-Semitism (posted in the Israeli Police Temple Mount thread):

Post 16: "The most holy place is the Rothschild's banks... " [after a poster called this post anti-Semitic, Montgriz responded "Who's true..."]

This user has 4000+ posts. We intend to email the moderators of the Huffington Post with a link to this post in hopes that this user will be forbidden to post his hate speech on a public forum.

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