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HuffPoWatch: Israeli Police Raid Temple Mount

Today the Huffington Post carried this story, about the latest clashes between Palestinian Arabs and the Israeli police. According to Elder of Ziyon, the part about the police using tear gas is a lie, but the article reports it anyway.

The talkback section for this article was unmoderated, which meant that we can’t blame the mods for letting the hateful language that followed through, only for letting it remain. However, this does give us a unique insight into the anti-Semitic and anti-Israel mentalities that permeate the Huffington Post readership. Matt and I recorded and flagged all of them, but here I’ll share are some of the highlights.

We’ll start with the usual litany of lies and half-truths:

specultr permalink
Is the Gaza strip anything more than a huge concentration camp?

Aikaterina permalink
The Al-Aqsa mosque has been in Israeli sights for decades. It's a prize they covet and have attempted on numerous occassions to overtake. The Israelis have also taken Christian lands and properties there, violently and with complete sanction from their government. No Palestinian (Muslim or Christian) has been able to successfully win a court decision in any Israeli court to recover their illegally-¬stolen-app¬ropriated property.

Margaretpoa permalink
But it doesn't behave that way. It behaves as an oppressive theocracy. The only difference between Israel and it's socially backwards neighbors are the minor concessions that are forced out of them to as conditions continue receiving US aid.


Then of course there were the insulting and bigoted attacks on Israelis and Israel:

MarcusT permalink
The UN is suppose to be administering Jerusalem, as per the agreement that created Israel. But apparently the chosen ones didn't that all of that agreement was necessary. Just the mine, mine, mine part.

MarcusT permalink
I think the issue is Israeli politics though I do recognize the standard attempt to do the ole us poor jews thing. After all, it did get you the country...

newyorkid permalink
2ionists are the kiIIers, thieves and t_orturers of the PaIestinians. [This comment was later deleted]

renatam permalink
Provacative and toxic conduct is the State of Israel's currency to the world.

wags101 permalink
I have not a whit of interest in this story, as many in the world no longer believe a word that comes out of Israel. No wonder they're hated around the world and as soon as the U.S. stops protecting their asses they're done. Can't wait!

riverhouse permalink
Israel as provocateur is nothing new. It's their most common preclude to inflicting violence on the Palestinians. It's time for the USA taxpayer to stop funding the Israeli occupation and oppression of the Palestinian people. Israel has stolen land, murdered with impunity, and wage war against an imprisoned population on the American taxpayer's money. Time to stop the welfare.

And of course, it wouldn’t be a Huffington Post thread without attacks on Israel’s very existence:

Electronicsboy permalink
I say we kick everybody out of there and let them open up casinos in upstate NY.

newyorkid permalink
PaIestine belongs to the PaIestinians.

Montgriz permalink
The only fact about Israel that is true: THERE IS NO ISRAEL, there is only OCCUPIED PALESTINE!

renatam permalink
The State of Israel lacks respect for the HUMANITY of all ...independent of themselves and/or those who believe in their religious dogma and/or have a specific ethnicity.

How American taxpayers came to financially underwrite this SETUP is something for historians down the road...and the true costs beyond financial, re our place in the world while we were distracted for half a century on this nonsense...will be a price our children/g¬randchildr¬en will be paying for. Those that are not dual citizens, that is. [ed. note: WTF?]

The State of Israel lacks grace and maturity which is why they are an Apartheid State.
The obligatory Nazi-Israelcomparison:

MrT3 permalink
just thank your lucky stars America thinks it'll go to heaven by arming you so you can turn around and perpetuate similar acts that were carried out by the Germans against you...

Accusations that pro-Israel supporters are paid because no one would actually support Israel genuinely:

phute: permalink
Try again!
Moshe - kool aid pin up hasbaratchik.

phute: permalink
none of stcuthbert's answers are his - they are provided for him - hasbara.
So when a more pertinent question is directed at him and because he cannot think for himself - there will be no answer.

colah: permalink
As a paid blogger, his hands are tied.

He sits at a desk with a screen full of rebuttals supplied by his handlers.

A strange new theory about why Hitler tried to wipe out the Jews during the Holocaust, in contrast to every historical fact I have come across:

CigarGod permalink
No more justiiable than targeting for someone's ethnicity or religion, the German's targeted Jew's to a large part due to their heavy involvement in the communist party....which very actively opposed the new and trendy ideology...which would ultimately lead to the holocaust.

Some good old-fashioned anti-Semitism:

Montgriz permalink
The most holy place is the Rothschild's banks...

[after a reponse accusing him of anti-Semitism] big deal...its true... ( permalink)
And we’ll finish with this comment, distinctive because it manages to contain in one 200-word paragraph almost every anti-Israel piece of rhetoric and propaganda point, as well as quite a few lies, distortions and half-truths. It’s really quite impressive:

hrholmes permalink
Israel is a well crafted shell game of religion, race and state. Shell number one is Israel is a democratic nation. Only if you are Jewish and allowed to become a citizen can you vote. They are a minority in that country, most are Muslim Arabs. Everybody else within the borders is second class at best. The second shell is that they are a separate race as the chosen ones. Chosen for what is rather unclear as in all theocracies. They make up their own brand of racial supremacy. The third shell is where you have to be a member of their chosen religion under the control of your local Rabbi to have any voice whatsoever. Jews that object are proclaimed self hating. All dissention by anyone else causes them to whine their coined term ‘anti-Semitic’ or ‘remember the holocaust’. They do utilize the shell game to great advantage especially when bombing neighbors, robbing them, erecting walls, stealing their properties by calling them settlements and thumping their version of their bible. I for one am ashamed that we as Americans are forced to pay for them. Time to cut off their free welfare payments for which we get nothing in return. They don’t even pay taxes here.


Naturally, there were plenty of insults and personal attacks, both against Israelis and other posters. You can read some for yourself.

Yep. Welcome to the Huffington Post.

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  1. Not to mention the fact the title of the article was "Israeli police raid Temple Mount" when it was actually about Israeli police responding to Palestinian violence.