Thursday, October 29, 2009

HuffPo User Profile: lbsaltzman

As HuffPo users go, “lbsaltzman” (active since 2006 and with over four hundred posts) is something of an anomaly. He claims to be Jewish, though he has never shown any kind of knowledge of Judaism or an understanding of what Zionism actually is. He does use his Jewish identity to great effect to deflect criticism and to gain self-granted permission to use anti-Semitic language, though. Although he claims that others have called him an anti-Semite and a “self-hating Jew,” I personally do not think he is either. Instead, I think he has simply internalized the anti-Israel narrative to the point where he doesn’t even think about what he says anymore, or its implications.
But you didn’t come here for my analyses of the psyches of Internet denizens. Let’s start with a couple blatantly racist comments from Saltzman toward his fellow Jews:

“Without independent evidence, I will always doubt the Israelis. They are hypocrites and liars, and are pursuing genocide against the people of Gaza.”
permalink Posted 06:57 PM on 02/05/2009

"I am glad there are some Israelis left with a conscience."
permalink Posted 05:16 PM on 03/04/2009

"I hope you are right about Livni, but I fear she as big a fascist as the rest of them."
permalink Posted 01:57 PM on 02/10/2009

Notice how all continue to remain on the threads even months after being posted. But Saltzman saves his biggest insults and hateful language for the state of Israel itself. There are too many to list here, but in his time he has called Israel “oppressors,” “an ethnocracy,” “a rogue state,” “a terrorist state,” “the most dangerous destabilizing force in the Middle East,”a snarling bully,” “a pariah state,” and of course an “apartheid” Most of these accusations have been repeated in dozens of different posts.

Saltzman attacks Israel’s existence and right to exist as a Jewish state, which as we determined earlier is clearly anti-Semitic:

"I think you are right. The longer Israel continues the occupation the more it is guaranteeing the that Jewish ethnocracy will fall and be replaced by a saner single state solution.
permalink  Posted 02:53 PM on 11/28/2009

 "As a Jew I am sickened and disgusted that Zionism has degraded into Apartheid. Israel exists on land stolen taken from the indigenous Palestinians. A people who ironically are as much the legitimate descendents of the ancient Judeans as European Jews. And certainly more legitimate than a large portion of the two million Russians who descended on Palestine, many of home are barely Jewish, so that Israel could maintain their white European racist majority, and continue to dominate the indigenous Palestinians"
posted Sep 25, 2007 at 11:09:48

"I agree that Israel never should have been established. It was an arrogant and insane idea to establishe Israel in somebody elses country. For that reason, I think the single state solution is the best option for ending the madness."
permalink Posted 03:24 PM on 10/11/2009

“I think your analogy is excellent. American's justified the theft of indigenous land based on the doctrine of Manifest Destiny. Israel bases it's land claims on doctrines of Zionism, and a 2000 year old land claim. I don't see a lot of difference, neither doctrine was valid.”

permalink Posted 01:42 PM on 10/28/2009
“Israel is built on the persecution of the Palestinians and the theft of their land. As long as Israel continues , with Apartheid policies, and commit war crimes and human rights abuses, they will reap what they sow. ....It was wrong from the beginning to steal another people's land to create your own.”
permalink Posted 07:33 PM on 05/08/2008

Notice the implication there that Israel can’t exist without “committing war crimes” and so there will never be peace as long as it exists.


One of lbsatlzman’s favorite target of rants is the control the Jews have over America, a classic anti-Semitic myth. Of course, he makes it clear that it’s only right-wing Jews, (notice how the exact term changes) who have hijacked Congress to their own nefarious ends. That would not include him, of course. He’s one of the good Jews.
"Breaking AIPAC's power with politicians is the key. I support J Street despite how centrist their views actually are. But in this case it will probably take a centrist group to break the stranglehold of AIPAC on American politics."
permalink Posted 02:40 PM on 10/26/2009

“There must be a strong effort to break the stranglehold that the pro-Israeli lobby has on American foreign policy. President Obama has good instincts but too many battles to fight. It is up to the rest of us to pressure Congress until it is safe for them and the President to stand up to the lobby.”
permalink Posted 07:15 PM on 10/13/2009
"You got that right. AIPAC has played a brilliant game of labelling all critics, including Jewish critics of Israel's occupation as anti-Semitic. They have been extremely effective at stifling legitimate dialogue on this crucial issue.
The Zionist lobby has no hesitation in destroying the careers of politicians or journalists who dare to speak the truth. Even objective, factual reporting is suspect, and only parroting the Israeli propaganda line is considered acceptable."
posted Aug 14, 2007 at 19:29:37

It is time for the U.S. to break the grip that the unholy alliance of Christian and Jewish Zionists have on our foreign policy. Israel is upset because we may not do their dirty work. Israel is the biggest and most dangerous destabilizing force in the Middle East. Israel is the rogue nuclear power. Israel is the state that is practicing apartheid.”
permalink Posted 05:59 PM on 12/15/2007

He also doesn’t have the slightest quam about invoking the history of Jewish victimization at the hands of non-Jews to slander Israel, including the ubiquitous Nazi comparison:

“Who Israel thinks will believe these blatant lies is beyond me. Most of the world is well aware of the criminal nature of Israel's blockade of Gaza, and the subsequent large scale pograms just carried out by the IDF. No amount of whitewashing by the IDF will excuse their crimes.”
permalink Posted 01:28 PM on 04/22/2009

“at the same time it kept stealing land in the West Bank and permitted radical Zionists to act like Cossacks and engage in vicious pogroms against the civilian population. Zionist spin isn't convincing most of the world. They are awake to the crimes of Israel.”
permalink Posted 07:23 PM on 01/05/2009

[My personal favorite]: “When will America wake up to the fact that Israel is a state engaged in ethnic cleansing against the Palestinian people. They have systematically violated international law. Conditions in the Gaza Strip now rival those that Jews suffered in the Warsaw Ghetto. How long before Israel moves to the final solution?”
permalink Posted 01:33 PM on 09/19/2007

Lest we think lbsaltzman is fair and criticizes both sides equally, he makes it clear that the Palestinians are more than justified in using violence against Israel in any form. In the following comments he proceeds to minimize and justify terror and make it clear he thinks Israel has no right to self-defense, levelling a clear double standard:

“Simple but correct stop the occupation and stop the settlements otherwise the Palestinian resistance will continue.” permalink Posted 08:46 PM on 10/10/2009

"I was disappointed to see Bill Maher fall into line behind the Israeli propaganda machine and in effect call Israeli war crimes and general savagery "self-defense". [You, on the other hand, call their self-defense actions “war crimes” and “general savagery.”]

posted Aug 03, 2006 at 10:22:59

“We cannot let the actions of the radicals in the region let Israel off the hook for its' far greater war crimes and human rights abuses. At least Hezbullah and Hamas have the excuse of fighting for the freedom from a well armed and implacable oppressor. Israel has no excuse for almost 60 years of criminal behavior.
posted Jul 21, 2006 at 13:49:03

“I have to admire Israel's propaganda machine in the abstract. They have turned mass murder and ethnic cleansing into "self-defense." An astonishing feat with the world watching their growing list of serious violations of international law."
posted Jul 19, 2006 at 16:10:52

“You've got it right. the spin is to blame the Palestinian victims for fighting their oppressors the Israelis.”
permalink Posted 05:24 PM on 09/19/2007

“Israel hypocrisy continues unabatted. The Israeli's wring their hands about how they would treat the Palestinians right, if only they would stop using violence. But Israel ignores it's nonstop ethnic cleansing of Palestine.... It is the Palestinians who lack a partner for peace. And we wonder that a some of them turn to violence after sixty years of non-stop aggression aimed at them by Israel”
permalink Posted 05:25 PM on 03/09/2008

As usual, the Palestinians are not responsible for their own actions. Israel is the only one with any power to affect change. Terrorism doesn't really exist, it's just Israeli paranoia. Give me a break.
I’ll throw in a few more hateful comments directed against Israel and its supporters that didn’t fit in anywhere else. Here are a couple of reminders for those of you who don’t know already: Israel has never been convicted of any war crimes, and the vast majority of Jews (80%+) in America, from every political stripe, are supporters of Israel.

“Normally, I don't approve of violence, but I like the idea that no Israeli diplomat can appear anywhere without being harassed. The Israeli government is guilty of serial war crimes and must be brought to judgement.” [Normally, racism isn't okay, but since the Jews are so bad, I'll make an exception]
permalink Posted 06:51 PM on 02/05/2009

“Reading Al Jazeera [that explains a lot] is essential to getting a reasonable understanding of the true nature of the current massacres in Gaza. This is not warfare, it is a criminal massacre by the IDF of a barely armed and largely helpless population. It will go down in history as a terrible bunch of war crimes perpetrated on a largely civilian population.”
permalink Posted 07:18 PM on 01/05/2009

“The arrogance and disdain for basic human decency that Israel displays, will not stop until the U.S. cuts off Israeli foreign aid and forces Israel to negotiate a fair peace until then Palestine will not have a partner for peace.”
permalink Posted 09:37 AM on 01/15/2009

“Zionism degenerated from a movement which recognized that Jews should get out of Europe to a neo-colonialist movement that thought they had the right to commit ethnic cleansing against the Palestinians. Zionism has covered the Star of David with blood.”
permalink Posted 05:47 PM on 05/26/2008

“What a tragedy that these soldiers and countless Lebanese died for nothing. The blood rests on the hands of successive Israeli governments that have been seduced by violence as the answer to their problems.”
permalink Posted 11:08 AM on 07/17/2008

“Israel doesn't show any sincere desire to end their cruel and criminal occupation of the remnants of historical Palestine.”
permalink Posted 05:53 PM on 01/15/2008

“Israel loves to call its' Palestinians citizens, that they couldn't ethnically cleanse, Arabs....The Palestinian-Israeli citizens like their fellow Palestinians in occupied Palestine are an oppressed people. They do not have equal rights with Jewish-Israeli citizens at all.”
permalink Posted 05:28 AM on 10/13/2009

“The point being that Israel is attempting to subvert archeology from a science to another form of propaganda for Zionist ideology.”
permalink Posted 05:19 PM on 10/14/2009

“Two wrongs don't make a right. All those committing war crimes should be brought to justice. Israel for its' size has more than its' share of war criminals and one of the worst human rights records around.”
permalink Posted 02:00 PM on 10/16/2009

“I always like reading what Rabbi Lerner [an extreme anti-Zionist] has to say. He has been an inspiration in my life. But for people like him I could take no pride in being Jewish. Israel and the pro-Zionist lobby has tarnished Judaism and covered it's symbols in the blood of innocents.”
permalink Posted 12:27 AM on 04/10/2009

And the icing on the cake:
“Israel didn't let Palestine do anything. They have completely blockaded Gaza. They can't even fish the local waters. Fingerpointing at the victim doesn't let Israel off the hook for six decades of ethnic cleansing, an attempted Holocaust, and war crimes to numerous to mention. you criticise the Palestinians for wanting to arm themselves against one of the best equiped and most savage armies in the world, the Israeli Army of aggression.”
permalink Posted 10:01 AM on 12/28/2008

Attacking the alleged actions of Musims living in Europe is a not to subtle form of fingerpointing and is irrelevent. What is relevent are the massive war crimes that Israel has committed against Palestinians and Lebanese. Harris can't complain about criticism of Israel without dealing with Israel's reprehensible behavior. That behavior does nothing to help the position of other Jews outside of Israel. by its' actions, Israel has created the perfect climate for the spread of anti-semitism. But let's not confuse the fact that most criticism of Israel is not anti-semitism by any stretch of the imagination.
Oh, and you’ll be glad to know that this website doesn’t need to exist. For you see, the Resident Jew is on the case, and he has given the HuffPosters a clear bill of health to post hateful comments without worrying about coming off as anti-Semitic.

“Crimes against women in Somalia are certainly terrible, but fingerpointing won't get Israel off the hook. Israel has committed war crimes, and crimes against humanity in its' decades long occupation of Palestine. I am Jewish and sensitive to anti-semtiism, but I have seen little if any anti-semitism posted on Huf Post. What I have seen is legitimate criticism of Israel.”
permalink Posted 09:43 AM on 10/17/2009

The comments above crossed the line from mere criticism a long time ago. They falls squarely into the realm of hate speech and defamation. It is unlikely that lbsaltzman is either an anti-Semite or a self-hating Jew. But compare his comments with the rants of both groups, and I sure as heck can’t tell the difference.


  1. lbsaltman. Real name Larry Saltzman, 66, a retiree lives in Santa Barbara, California.
    Let him know how you feel about his idiotic lies.

  2. Lbsaltman is Larry Saltzman.
    He lives in Santa Barbara.
    He is a retired businessman from L.A. who spends majority of his time putzing in his garden. It seems this benevolent activity didn't cure him of clinically obsessive mania about Israel.
    Here's Larry in his garden. He looks almost sane if you didn't know his secret online life.

  3. I see criticism of Israeli policy, but not any anti-semitism.