Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Fables: The Israel Analogy

It's not very often that one of my hobbies relates in any way to the content of this blog, but this page from Bill Willingham's amazing comic book series Fables is worth reading. The context here is that Bigby aka "The Big Bad Wolf" is facing down the principal villain, who is another character from childhood fantasy stories. Click on the picture if you need to zoom:

I admit, Bigby does kind of come off as sounding a bit like a "kill 'em all and let God sort 'em out" war monger-type, if that is what you prefer to read into it. And I'm sure there are many critics who will say that Israel's existential threats are exaggerations or a thing of the past, and so they have no reason to be so full of "grit and iron." On the other hand, maybe those threats are minimized because of Israel's toughness, and will return with a vengeance should they falter.


  1. nice!

    Have you guys ever heard "Neighborhood Bully" by Bob Dylan... all about Israel

  2. Yeah, I have heard that song. Major kudos to Bob Dylan. "Fables" in general doesn't have much to do with Israel or Jews at all, but I suggest you check it out if you like comics. Thanks for the comment!