Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Comment Shakedown

The other day in the “Israel Raids Temple Mount” I posted a rather long comment that I described as hitting all the talking points. It occurred to me that we haven’t done a counter-argument post, so let’s fisk hrholmes’ comment. It can be found in the thread at this permalink . Let's get started

Israel is a well crafted shell game of religion, race and state. Shell number one is Israel is a democratic nation. Only if you are Jewish and allowed to become a citizen can you vote.

So right off the bat he gets his facts wrong. There are multiple Arab parties and every non-Jewish citizen of Israel votes. Besides, the ‘allowed to be a citizen’ comment is a distortion. There’s no nation on earth that allows people who aren’t citizens to vote in their elections.

They are a minority in that country, most are Muslim Arabs. Everybody else within the borders is second class at best.

I’m not exactly sure what he’s referring to when he means “that country,” as any link will tell you that Israel is 75% Jews and 25% non-Jews. It seems as if he thinks that the disputed territories are part of Israel and Palestinians are Israeli citizens. Not the most common of misconceptions, but still a rather grievous error. It explains how he drew his conclusions.

The second shell is that they are a separate race as the chosen ones. Chosen for what is rather unclear as in all theocracies. They make up their own brand of racial supremacy.

I would refer this poster to a basic Judaism course. “The chosen ones” refer to a nation, not a race, who have been selected by the big guy upstairs to fulfill a mission. Note the typical attack on Israel as a “theocracy.” Unless Netanyahu is also the head rabbi and no one decided to tell me, this latest canard falls flat on it’s face.

The third shell is where you have to be a member of their chosen religion under the control of your local Rabbi to have any voice whatsoever. Jews that object are proclaimed self hating.

I could explain why he is wrong, but instead I’ll just link him to Bradley Burston’s column in Ha'aretz. Really, all you ever need to do is open an Israeli newspaper. There are plenty of voices, both Arab and Jew, and there is plenty of criticism as well. I guess that’s what happens when you spend too much time in the echo chamber of the Huffington Post. You internalize the myths that are repeated endlessly there.

All dissention by anyone else causes them to whine their coined term ‘anti-Semitic’ or ‘remember the holocaust’.

Even though I don’t want to give such ignorant and spiteful comments any more attention than they deserve. Instead, I’ll remind Mr.hrholmes that it was a German named Wilhelm Marr who “coined the term” of anti-Semitism and that Israel has never used the Holocaust’s memory to justify anything they do. Not once. If he would like to find an example and put it forward, consider this a challenge.

They do utilize the shell game to great advantage especially when bombing neighbors, robbing them, erecting walls, stealing their properties by calling them settlements and thumping their version of their bible.

Classic HuffPoster decontextualization of the situation. Yeah, Israel just runs around bombing things because they are eeeeevil Jooooos, not because their enemies are, you know, shooting rockets at them. As usual, what the Arabs do “doesn’t count” for some reason and is swept under the rug, so accordingly Israel is being cruel to them for no reason at all. Let’s not forget also that the vast majority of Jews are secular, and the vast majority of settlements are not built on expropriated land. But facts have never stopped hrholmes’ type before.

I for one am ashamed that we as Americans are forced to pay for them. Time to cut off their free welfare payments for which we get nothing in return. They don’t even pay taxes here.

1. Who exactly is forcing America to give aid to Israel? I wasn’t aware that America could forced to do anything. Learn something new every day, I suppose.

2 America receives plenty of material, information, jobs and technologies in return for their aid to Israel. It’s just that anti-Israel posters will refuse to admit this because they don’t want to admit that there might be some real-world advantage for America taking an action that they disagree with.

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  1. Although I don't personally agree with this interpretation, some people would say that Netanyahu's waving the Auschwitz documents in the face of the UN during his speech there was using the Holocaust to pass judgment on his audience.

    I think what's more important to refute with regards to the America-financing-Israel claim is that America also finances the UNRWA and the PNA, which are more dedicated to perpetuating poor conditions in Judea, Samaria, and Gaza than helping the Arabs of those areas or bringing about any kind of peace. And we really don't get anything from the aid we give those groups, while America receives Israel's technological advances (and the satisfaction of supporting the only democracy in the Middle East) in return for the aid going to the Jewish State.